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  1. Would appreciate confirmation on a few fall warblers seen today in western PA. #1 - Seems like a clear Cape May but the double wingbars (?) are confusing me #2 - Tough angle but any thoughts on this? Tennessee? #3 - Probably a Tennessee but seems very dark. No way this could be Orange-crowned? #4 - No streaking. Lighting gives appearance of one orange foot but other is not. Tennessee?
  2. Seen in western PA this evening. I have not seen any recent eBird reports for this species in this area but these look like ABDU to me (olive bill) and not Mallards. Would appreciate a confirmation or correction.
  3. Thanks. I figured this one would be tough to nail down.
  4. I hate asking for id help on this guy since I couldn't get a sound id but thought I would throw it out there anyway. This was seen last weekend in Latrobe, PA. There have been reports of Willow Flycatchers at this particular spot and a single report of a Least Flycatcher in June (which would be uncommon for this area I believe). This doesn't look Willow to me but am hoping it is since it's the only one I've potentially seen this year. Any confidence either way?
  5. Really appreciate it, as always!
  6. Wow, interesting. Here's the only other photo I have of #1.
  7. These were seen at Presque Isle in Erie, PA this morning and afternoon. At the time I didn't give these a second thought and just assumed Warbling. I'm pretty sure the first is indeed Warbling but is the 2nd a Philadelphia?
  8. Seen at Presque Isle in Erie, PA this afternoon. I'm seeing the "vest" but not sure if this is an Olive-sided Flycatcher?
  9. I'm thinking now that this could just be another Short-billed Dowitcher, as there were many around.
  10. Seen in Huntington Beach SP, South Carolina last week. Is this a Stilt Sandpiper?
  11. Thanks. Appreciate the response but the bill seems very wrong for Cape May?
  12. I'm reading that juvenile Eastern Phoebe's can have yellow wash so I'm wondering if that's what this is.
  13. This was seen in Huntington Beach SP in South Carolina a few days ago. At first I thought it was probably a Pine or Palm Warbler (as there were many around) but upon closer inspection I see that the bill is clearly not a warbler and looks more like a flycatcher. The streaking and yellow wash are confusing me. Is this perhaps a juvenile Eastern Wood-Pewee?
  14. These are from Bear Island, SC this past week. Trying to identify peeps in large groups is painful. I'm wondering if the first photo is a Sanderling or Semipalmated Sandpiper (or a Least with muddy legs!) ? The bird in the second photo appears bigger than the ones in front. I'm wondering if it could be Pectoral? It's the only shot I got so difficult to tell. Thanks for the help.
  15. These photos are from Bear Island, SC this past week. I saw many Short-billed Dowitchers but I'm curious about this one. Does the little white on the under side also make this a Short-billed or could it be a Long-billed? Thanks for the help.
  16. Appreciate it. I was going on darker gray and brighter yellows to be Great-crested. The ebird photos I've seen of the Brown-crested from the same location appear to have more pale colors. However, lighting and position always makes things questionable.
  17. This was photographed at an area of the Florida Everglades last week where both Great-crested and Brown-crested Flycatchers have been reported. I feel that it's probably Great-crested but would love if it was Brown. Any strong opinions on which it may be?
  18. For fun, here's a wider crop so you can get an idea of my id frustration! Thanks everyone for the help. With that tip I don't see either Great or Lesser Black-backed in any of my photos here.
  19. Going through some photos from a recent trip to Georgia and Florida this week. This photo was taken on Tybee Island, GA. There were a ton of gulls sitting together. Many Laughing, Herring, and Ring-billed. I'm wondering if this one in the center of the photo is a Great Black-backed? Thank you for the help.
  20. Ok, so Red-shouldered then? That was one of my candidates as well but couldn't reconcile all the markings. Thanks for clarification.
  21. Western PA this afternoon. I saw this bird around 100 yards away sitting on a wire. I thought at first it might be a Merlin (did not appear Red-tailed size). It then flew off and I believe the second set of photos from a tree are probably the same bird. Is this just a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk?
  22. I went to a location this morning where Fox Sparrows had been reported (western PA). There were many White-throated Sparrows, Song Sparrows, and a few American Tree Sparrows but I didn't clearly see any Fox Sparrows. I did however, get one out of focus shot. With the large rust colored cheek patch this looks like it may be one. Is it possible to confirm with what I have here?
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