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  1. I saw this feather falling from the sky this morning in western PA. It's roughly 3 1/2 inches long. I assumed a hawk due to the size (Coopers or Red-tailed) but I've never been able to identify anything from a feather. Appreciate any better educated opinions!
  2. This was in Corolla. I saw exactly two on two separate days. My untrained eye would not have noticed them were it not for them being next to the other larger Sanderlings.
  3. Thanks! Really fun for me to get a chance to photograph these once a year. It's amazing to be in that environment where wading birds surround you and brown pelicans, osprey, gulls, and terns are constantly flying up and down the beach. Definitely not the rural Pennsylvania scene I live in.
  4. Oops, yeah ("Sibling"). 🙂 My fingers get ahead of my brain sometimes. Thanks also for that breeding/winter clarification. I tend to think of September still as summer or migration so your explanation is very helpful. I hadn't thought of that.
  5. Appreciate that! I'm using a Nikon D850 and the new 500 f/5.6 PF lens. The 200-500 is nearly as good though for much less cost (although heavier).
  6. Spent part of the week photographing birds on the North Carolina coast. A few are no brainers (I believe) but others are not so clear to me. Could I ask for confirmation? 1. Sanderling. If so, why does Sibling show this as winter only for N.C. ? 2. Black-bellied Plover ??? Really not sure what this is. 3. Willet 4. Semipalmated Plover ? 5. Least Sandpiper ? (early morning warm light)
  7. Spent part of the week on the North Carolina shore photographing birds I don't see often. I will make a separate post for other shore birds but could I ask for ID on these terns? 1. Sandwich Tern ? 2. Sandwich Tern ? 3. ? 4. Royal Tern ?
  8. I saw this in a local park near Pittsburgh, PA on 5/28. I only managed to grab a few quick half out-of-focus shots and for the life of me I can't figure out what this is. I assume it's a juvenile with the light markings but not sure. I know my Red-tails, Cooper's, Sharp-shinned, and Red Shouldered but this is throwing me and doesn't seem to line up exactly with anything in Sibley's. The only other thing we have around here (which I have never seen) are Broad-winged Hawks. Help is appreciated.
  9. Thanks for that reminder. I'm definitely going to have to be more aware of this in the future and remember to catch a recording.
  10. Sure! It's a PDF. I found it here. Extremely helpful.
  11. Answering my own question after finding a great document explaining the differences between the empids. Angle of the forehead is very shallow/gradual on Acadian vs a steep angle on the Least so I'm pretty sure this is Acadian.
  12. Seen this morning in western PA. I want to call this Acadian as the primaries seem longer-ish and the color more olive. However, the eye-ring seems very bold to me which would be more Least. Still Acadian? These Flycatchers are tough!!
  13. Thanks! For my education, what makes these Acadian? Longer primary projection, more sloped forehead? The color looks "gray" to me but I can also see how they could be olive (though it's hard with the green cast of the foliage).
  14. Just a friendly bump to see if anyone can confirm? Adding one more photo of bird #1.
  15. Saw both of these at separate times this morning in western PA. I assume they are both Least but not sure?
  16. Wow, thanks! The Black-throated Blue never crossed my mind. I did not see a single other one the entire day and have never seen a female before. Appreciate it!
  17. Spent another day at Presque Isle State Park, PA yesterday. There are plenty of Warbling Vireos around but I got these more distant photographs of Vireos that I'm not quite sure about. Can anyone confirm what these are? Three photos of each with different poses. Is bird #2 possibly a Red-eyed?
  18. Adding an underside shot of bird #2 if it helps.
  19. More Presque Isle, PA birds. I had first thought that both of these birds were Hermit Thrushes but after reading more I see that there are some subtle differences that I may not be seeing. The first three photos are of bird #1 (Hermit?) and photos 4 and 5 are of bird #2 (Swainson's?).
  20. Very interesting. I had sort of figured I would not encounter one of these hybrids but they must be much more common than I would have thought. Appreciate the educated id.
  21. Great, thank you! I see the wing length difference now.
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