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  1. Thanks everyone. I see Rock Pigeons so infrequently that I had never seen this white morph before.
  2. We were out at the pumpkin farm over the weekend when I saw a flock of white birds off in the distance. They looked like some sort of gull but didn't make sense in terms of the location. I grabbed a few shots and saw that they were pigeons or doves. I assume these are homing or racing pigeons (or just some type of domestic bird) that are probably being kept or raised on this farm? I couldn't figure out why they were flying around freely like this.
  3. Two sparrows seen this evening in western PA. The first must be a juvenile White-throated. I had not seen one in this plumage before. I'm about 99% sure the second one is a juvenile(?) Song Sparrow but was somehow hoping it was a Lincoln's. I think the beak is not slender enough for Lincoln's. However, the bird just looked a little "different" to me.
  4. Thanks much as always! The "blue feet" comment was not something I had realized before. I will remember that for the future.
  5. Seen in western PA this afternoon. In the field I thought this was a Tennessee since the beak appeared to be straight and not hooked. However, after looking at the photos it seems that it's a Philadelphia Vireo. Yes?
  6. Thanks everyone. I can hardly find a Blackpoll in the spring to save my life but it seems I haven't seen much else this weekend!
  7. I know my spring warblers but clearly not my fall! seen in western PA this evening. Can I get some help with these? 1. Very unclear to me but maybe Northern Parula? 2. Hoping Bay-breasted because of the color on the sides but it's probably another Blackpoll 3. Blackpoll ? I also got Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, and Chestnut-sided today but those are obvious. Thanks for the help!
  8. Ugh, thank you. 🙂 I guess it was Blackpoll day!
  9. I can't seem to match this up definitively with anything (Blackpoll, Blackburnian, Bay-breasted). Legs appear darker to me which excludes Blackpoll but maybe it's just lighting. I'm sorry it's the only shot I got of this one. Maybe Cape May??
  10. I'm thinking Blackpoll for the first and Bay-breasted for the second. Could I ask for some other opinions on these?
  11. We just got back from our yearly trip to the Outer Banks, NC and got to do some more birding this year. We spent a couple days at Bodie Island ponds (and other areas) and captured a few things that I'm not sure about. Could I get some help identifying these? The first photo was taken in a mowed grassy area at the Oregon Inlet parking lot. I have no idea which sandpiper, etc. this could be that was poking around in the mud there. The second photo was taken at Bodie Island and I'm guessing is either juvenile Little Blue Heron or Snowy Egret? It was definitely much smaller than the (many) Great Egrets there. The third photo was also at Bodie Island. There were plenty of White Ibis there but this flew overhead and even though it is in shadow it does not appear to be a White. Glossy Ibis is supposed to be uncommon at this time but could it be that? The last photo I believe is a Clapper Rail but also read that it can be confused with King Rail. Any confirmation possible? Thanks for the help!
  12. Ugh, thank you. I hadn't even put Pewee into consideration and those are usually pretty obvious. I did think the gray-ness was wrong for Acadian. Thanks for confirmation.
  13. Western PA this morning. Are these Acadian (two photos) and Least? Thanks for the help!
  14. These photos of two different birds were taken last week at Presque Isle in Erie, PA. Pretty confident that these are both Least by size and the shape of the head but wanted to ask for confirmation.
  15. Photographed in western PA this morning. I initially dismissed it as another Warbling but then noticed the yellow. Is this a Philadelphia?
  16. Western PA this morning. I'm much more knowledgeable on my flycatchers this year and I'm pretty confident this is Least due to size, steep forehead, and short primary extension. The only thing that's throwing me is the head appears slightly crested and not rounded. What do you think?
  17. Seen in western Pennsylvania this morning. There were a pair. I am fairly unfamiliar with shorebirds so I first thought Lesser Yellowlegs but after a quick look I know that is not correct. Assume this is Solitary Sandpiper then?
  18. I saw this feather falling from the sky this morning in western PA. It's roughly 3 1/2 inches long. I assumed a hawk due to the size (Coopers or Red-tailed) but I've never been able to identify anything from a feather. Appreciate any better educated opinions!
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