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  1. Western PA this morning.  I'm much more knowledgeable on my flycatchers this year and I'm pretty confident this is Least due to size, steep forehead, and short primary extension.  The only thing that's throwing me is the head appears slightly crested and not rounded.  What do you think?





  2. I saw this feather falling from the sky this morning in western PA.  It's roughly 3 1/2 inches long.  I assumed a hawk due to the size (Coopers or Red-tailed) but I've never been able to identify anything from a feather.  Appreciate any better educated opinions! 


  3. 1 hour ago, blackburnian said:

    I know exactly what you're talking about. Being from NC, where did you take these? I can't remember the last time I saw a Least Sandpiper on a beach. 

    This was in Corolla.  I saw exactly two on two separate days.  My untrained eye would not have noticed them were it not for them being next to the other larger Sanderlings. 

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  4. 31 minutes ago, blackburnian said:

    Really nice assortment of the more typical eastern shorebirds. Great photos. 

    Thanks!  Really fun for me to get a chance to photograph these once a year.  It's amazing to be in that environment where wading birds surround you and brown pelicans, osprey, gulls, and terns are constantly flying up and down the beach.  Definitely not the rural Pennsylvania scene I live in.

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  5. 36 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Sibley (not Sibling :classic_wink:), like many guides, uses the word 'Summer' to indicate the bird's range during it's breeding season, and 'Winter' to mean where the birds migrate to when they're not breeding.  You probably know, but breeding seasons vary between species.  Those birds that breed farthest north tend to have the shortest breeding seasons. 

    Oops, yeah ("Sibling"). 🙂  My fingers get ahead of my brain sometimes.

    Thanks also for that breeding/winter clarification.  I tend to think of September still as summer or migration so your explanation is very helpful.  I hadn't thought of that. 

  6. Spent part of the week photographing birds on the North Carolina coast.  A few are no brainers (I believe) but others are not so clear to me.  Could I ask for confirmation?


    1. Sanderling.  If so, why does Sibling show this as winter only for N.C. ?

    2. Black-bellied Plover ???  Really not sure what this is.

    3. Willet

    4. Semipalmated Plover ?

    5. Least Sandpiper ? (early morning warm light)






  7. I saw this in a local park near Pittsburgh, PA on 5/28.  I only managed to grab a few quick half out-of-focus shots and for the life of me I can't figure out what this is.  I assume it's a juvenile with the light markings but not sure.  I know my Red-tails, Cooper's, Sharp-shinned, and Red Shouldered but this is throwing me and doesn't seem to line up exactly with anything in Sibley's.  The only other thing we have around here (which I have never seen) are Broad-winged Hawks.  Help is appreciated.




  8. 9 hours ago, Metaquatic said:

    Nice picture.  It makes it easy to pick apart the subtle differences between Least, Alders, Acadian, Willow etc.  But even then the bird may be juvenile or the light might be a little off.  I still think the only sure way to tell them apart is by their call.  The Acadian gives a simple "Peesweet".  This time of the year they are pretty vocal.  You could go back and listen for and ID.

    Thanks for that reminder.  I'm definitely going to have to be more aware of this in the future and remember to catch a recording.

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