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  1. Thanks! For my education, what makes these Acadian? Longer primary projection, more sloped forehead? The color looks "gray" to me but I can also see how they could be olive (though it's hard with the green cast of the foliage).
  2. Just a friendly bump to see if anyone can confirm? Adding one more photo of bird #1.
  3. Saw both of these at separate times this morning in western PA. I assume they are both Least but not sure?
  4. Wow, thanks! The Black-throated Blue never crossed my mind. I did not see a single other one the entire day and have never seen a female before. Appreciate it!
  5. Spent another day at Presque Isle State Park, PA yesterday. There are plenty of Warbling Vireos around but I got these more distant photographs of Vireos that I'm not quite sure about. Can anyone confirm what these are? Three photos of each with different poses. Is bird #2 possibly a Red-eyed?
  6. Adding an underside shot of bird #2 if it helps.
  7. More Presque Isle, PA birds. I had first thought that both of these birds were Hermit Thrushes but after reading more I see that there are some subtle differences that I may not be seeing. The first three photos are of bird #1 (Hermit?) and photos 4 and 5 are of bird #2 (Swainson's?).
  8. Very interesting. I had sort of figured I would not encounter one of these hybrids but they must be much more common than I would have thought. Appreciate the educated id.
  9. Great, thank you! I see the wing length difference now.
  10. Seen at Presque Isle State Park, PA today. It was hanging out at the edge of a forest in mid to low bushes. I am not good at my flycatchers but based on my impression that this was a small, very yellow bird with a rounded head (vs crested) I'm guessing Yellow-bellied. Can anyone confirm?
  11. Just spent an amazing couple days photographing warblers at Presque Isle in PA. We saw 14 different ones and this potential 15th. It was in the brush and we could not get a clear photo. It looks closest to Blue-winged Warbler to me but I'm not 100% clear. Can anyone confirm or are there other possibilities? Thanks!
  12. Ah, thank you. We have had plenty around all winter but I guess I was never outside long enough in the cold to hear them!
  13. I heard this repeated call in the tree line behind my house on Saturday morning in western PA. I have never heard it before. The first two notes sound like a Black-capped Chickadee but then it goes to a third lower note that is repeated. I looked up Carolina Chickadee (we are right on the border of the mix of those two) but I haven't heard any samples where it's third descending note is repeated like this. Appreciate any insight. I heard it Saturday morning and not any time since. I'm attaching a m4a and wav sample. The full call starts around 14 seconds. bird sound.m4a bird sound.wav
  14. One of my daughters captured this today in western PA. Not an expert on flycatchers but assumed this was a Phoebe. However, is it too early? Or is this something else?
  15. These were seen in western Pennsylvania on 3/23. I know the first one is a Greater or Lesser Scaup. Guessing Lesser by the shape of the female's head? The second one I really have no idea as I have a very hard time with these all very similar looking wading birds. I'm guessing a Yellowlegs? Also considered Stilted Sandpiper. These were in a shallow pond with a bunch of other waterfowl.
  16. Thanks for the expert opinion. Always interesting, informative, and appreciated!
  17. Have seen this Baltimore Oriole only recently (have had many this spring/summer) and is definitely more "odd" with all the white patches. Do you think this is a normal molt or is this one partially leucistic? Looks like it may have mites as well with some feather loss.
  18. Captured this duck this evening in a local lake in Western PA. It doesn't seem to match up well with anything in my Sibley guide but resembles some photos of juvenile Wood Ducks. Am I right?
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