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  1. Can someone help me identify these two birds I saw a few days ago in the Grand Canyon? Thanks. (Sorry if this got posted twice - didn't seem to work first time).
  2. Can anyone help identify these birds I saw a few days ago in the Grand Canyon? Thanks!
  3. Thank you! It is always hard to identify female or immature birds as they never look like the photos in the books or on line.
  4. This small bird was eating insects in a mountainous area. I can't find one that has such a pinky-orange beak.
  5. We saw these birds this morning in Saguaro National Park. They are a little like waxwings but with no yellow.
  6. We saw this bird in Saguaro National Park, AZ. A bit like a loggerhead shrike but too small. Unfortunately it's not a very sharp photo, but I think good enough to identify. Any ideas?
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