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  1. I'll certainly do more research comparing the two. What features in the pic confirmed house wren for you?
  2. Blackburnian, is there any chance #3 is a phoebe or maybe a Pewee? I ask because I'm new at this and may have the wrong ID of a mom nesting on my flood light. I've been thinking Phoebe (which I'm sure I confuse with Pewee without hearing their song). And I never considered house wren. Thanks!
  3. What are the odds I spotted a Summer Tanager in GA today, Feb 9? I live in mixed woods, only opening in canopy is immediately around house. It was definitely not a cardinal but about same size. It was red with a light colored beak (yellow?), NO black mask. Wings had a little gray/black mixed in. It MAY have had an eye ring. It stopped by platform feeder with peanut pieces and sunflower kernels hanging from porch for less than 30 seconds around 5pm. Too quick for pic. He ducked below sightline for a moment. Not sure if he ate. Seemed skittish but didn't fly off when a chickadee came by, grab a nut and flew off. He took off right after. I've only seen a Tanager one other time here (in June). This sighting didn't match location map since it says Tanagers are here during breeding. I'm fairly new to birding, so I'm not sure if the maps are absolute...or if they have an insanely early breeding season. Can anyone tell me if this is normal behavior or if it's some other possible red bird? Thanks!
  4. Another behavior I've noticed is they will eat briefly at the feeder. However, they more often get a seed then fly up to a branch to eat it making frequent trips. They hold the seed with their feet to break it open. That behavior has helped me differentiate it from others at my feeder.
  5. If this helps, the peafowl are very common in many theme parks across the middle of the state, especially throughout Orlando. I've also seen them as far north as St. Augustine. These were also in a "theme park" at the Fountain of Youth. So, captivity would probably be most likely. Miami has experienced a growing population throughout several neighborhoods though. They seem to be quite comfortable around people. ?
  6. Yesterday (5/31/19) at dusk, I briefly spotted a uniquely marked bird visiting my hummer feeder. It had a red or deep orange crown, possibly entire head. The body appeared black/white or gray/white. It hovered a moment before landing, exactly the way my ruby-throats do. The low light and brief visit didn't allow time for great details, much less a pic. My first thought was a downy woodpecker due to petite size, but I don't know if hovering is something they do. My other thought was a rufous, but I think that's a winter bird in my area. I'm very new to birding but have recently done a lot of research on common birds in west GA. I live in a heavily wooded area, only water source is a neighbor's one acre lake about 1/4 mi away. I feel there are possibilities I'm unaware of. Any ideas on what type of bird this could be? Thanks! Kym
  7. What a beautiful combination! Nature is unbelievable sometimes. ?
  8. I would say black phoebe over eastern. I have many eastern visit my yard frequently here in GA. They have a very noticeable white throat.
  9. Very nice pics! I'm very new to birding, but that looks very much like a Western Pewee. However, it also looks similar to a Willow Flycatcher which I believe has slightly shorter wings and more rounded head (less crested). If you heard it sing, that might also narrow it down. I hope that helps!
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