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  1. Odd angle of an Adult, (note rufous barring on flanks) Cooper's Hawk.
  2. That feather is from someones or an escaped Amazon type of Parrot.
  3. I would go with adult Little blue Heron. I think the white on the face is an artifact of light reflecting on the shiny base of it bill.
  4. Yes, female Scaup are very difficult. I live on the coast of Northern California where we enjoy both species. While the 'crest' on the Lesser can be subtle, it is still a little 'knot-like" and reminiscent of a tiny version of a Ring-necked Duck's 'crest', but of course VERY small. One thing that is subtle but apparent in this photo is the slight pale spot on the rear part of the cheek. This mark (if that is what it is) is diagnostic on worn female Greater Scaup. SO, if I HAD to put a name on this bird I would call it an adult female Greater Scaup, but would not bet my life on it. The first shot from the side shows what looks like a large nail to the bill, (good for Greater as well). Just a thought. Additionally, I have NO problem with the full round head shape for greater.
  5. 1= Female 'Continental' Red-winged Blackbird. (as opposed to the east of the Sierra Nevada 'Bicolored race of Red-wing). 2= Abert's Towhee, (missing most of its head feathers). 3= Least Bittern, (Notice black flight feathers).
  6. Merlin for sure. The prey item, I am not sure about but it is not a Lesser Goldfinch, as the tail would be much shorter with large white tail spots. I might lean toward a 'winter plumage' Western Tanager, or perhaps a Social Flycatcher.
  7. Black Phoebe, (an Adult by the way as fresh Juveniles show rather cinnamon edges to the wing coverts). The white spot in the throat is an aberrant feature and the bird is great for a typical Black Phoebe. I will just say this, "Its parents were Black Phoebes".
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