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  1. I've been an iBirder since 2010 (iBird Explorer PRO v1.8.4), and have bought every option, better version (Ultimate), IAP, and accessory app (iBird Journal) since then. I just downloaded the latest iBird Ultimate update from the App Store, learned about iBird Photo Sleuth, bought that (or thought I did), had problems downloading it on another iDevice, hassled with Apple Support for an hour to no resolution, bought the Photo Sleuth IAP from within iBird Ultimate on my iPhone, had trouble restoring purchases on my iPad's just-updated iBird Ultimate app, and THEN learned that I need to use iBird Lite and somehow turn it into iBird Ultimate with Photo Sleuth, BAM, Percevia, and Time of Day and anything else I forgot to list here. It didn't work, mostly. iBird Lite shows nothing under the Purchases section. The only Countries database shown is North America (Lite). I do see BAM and TOD on the Search menu, but Open Sleuth Photo Recognizer sends me to the Purchases page where nothing is displayed other than Restore Purchases, which I have tapped numerous times, seeing that my "Purchases have been restored" every time. At present I have a fully-functioning-the-way-I-want-it iBird Ultimate with all IAP except Hawaii - that's good. But the iBird Lite thing ain't working. On any of my iDevices. FYI.
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