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  1. Date: 11/9/19 Where: Ace Basin NWR in Beaufort County SC There were many many Swamp & Song Sparrows everywhere. This sparrow seemed different to me but could be some variation that I am not familiar with in this area. Hoping for help with a solid ID.
  2. When: An extremely windy November 22 2015 Place: Harbor Island beach, Beaufort County SC Seabird in the midst of huge roost of shorebirds. Have many photos but most are from the same distance just different angles & none of the photos have super clear detail. Have attached the best photos that may help with the ID but can provide others if needed. My tentative ID is Pomarine Jaeger but I have no experience with these types of birds at all. Note: A group of birders reported a Pomarine Jaeger flying over this roost almost a week before on 11/15/2015 but that bird was described as having a pale neck & do not see any paleness on the neck of this bird in any of the photos. Help with a positive ID would be appreciated
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