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  1. Without a doubt. I have half a dozen on my feeders almost at any time.
  2. Marsh in NW Ohio, along Lake Erie. Maybe not even a Yellowlegs? I have zero experience with shorebirds, and the books don't clarify things. I leave it in the groups hands for a wise decision. It may not be the same bird, there was a flock mulling around and I snapped a few of several birds.
  3. From Pipe Creek Wildlife Area, NW Ohio. In a marsh
  4. And when they eat my sunflower seeds, they hold them between their feet and peck them open. Unlike many of the other birds that just roll them around in their mouth until they crack open. A little Titmouse trivia for those following along.
  5. How do you know? Not doubting, just wanting to learn.
  6. I super-zoomed in, and using psweets explanation, it can be nothing but a Chipping Sparrow. You folks are good...
  7. Chipping Sparrows around me have a distinct black eye line and a large rufous cap. The black line on this bird is above the eye, not through it. May have a cap, hard to tell.
  8. Thanks. I thought Double-crested but I couldn't find the yellow above the bill or the blue eye. But this picture is cropped big time. Bird was probably 100 yards across the lake. Didn't see him with naked eye, just when I scouted the edge with bins.
  9. Meadow in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, eastern TN
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