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  1. I struggle with Gull IDs. I want to say this is a Ring-billed gull, but without a good luck at the legs, I can't tell.
  2. Is there any way to tell from this photo, or generally when a Tropical Kingbird is perched, if the tail is a Tropical, other than the color?
  3. Here's another shot of the geese showing a little profile for the Ross's/Snow Goose. This was a true "Hat trick" for me as they are all new lifers for me if my ID's hold. A Cackling Goose and Ross's Goose had both been reported there on eBird earlier in the week.
  4. These geese were seen this week in Pismo Beach, CA. I believe, judging from the size, they are a Ross's Goose, a Cackling Goose, and a Greater White-fronted Goose all grazing alongside a flock of Canada Geese (not in the frame).
  5. I saw this Kingbird last week in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The bill looks large enough to me to think Tropical Kingbird. The first photo was my best pic of the tail. Does the tail indicate a Cassin's or Tropical. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I agree about the birds in the background. I saw at least two other Ring-necked, one male and one female, just out of frame and the Ruddy ducks were plentiful there.
  7. I"m not sure, but I thing this is a Blue-winged Teal, seen today in Pismo Beach, California in the Pismo Creek lagoon. Thanks.
  8. I'm not good with shorebirds and would like someone to verify or correct my I.D.s. These photos were taken in Morro Bay, California, in the bay this morning, November 3. The first bird (two photos) I think might be a Yellowlegs. The second bird (third photo) I thought was a Willet, but the way it was bobbing its head confused me. The last photo I believe is a Black-crowned Night Heron, but there are recent sightings of a Yellow-crowned Night Heron at that location and I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the help and glad What Bird is back.
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