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  1. A local birder thinks it's a Cooper's based on the rounded tip to the tail and thinks the size is good for Cooper's.
  2. A local birder saw my pics and sees a Cooper's Hawk, pointing out the rounded tip to the tail and said the size is closer to Cooper's.
  3. I saw this accipiter flying over Meadow Park in San Luis Obispo, CA and assumed it was a Cooper's Hawk, which is not uncommon here. But when it landed on a tall sycamore a few meters below a White-tailed Kite, I could see that it was significantly smaller than the Kite. So, I now think it was a Sharp-shinned Hawk. I included a photo with both birds for a size reference (pic #3 hawk is lower left, kite is upper right).
  4. On second thought, I'm thinking Western for the sandpiper. The pics are from yesterday.
  5. I saw these birds at Morro Bay State Park along the boardwalk. The first bird (4 pics) I believe is a Black-bellied Plover based on what appears to be a white belly. BTW, the peep in the second pic I think is a Least Sandpiper. The next bird (pic 5) I thought was a Horned Grebe. I couldn't get a profile pic but this bird had extensive white on the face and seemed more slender than the Eared Grebes I saw nearby. The last bird was seen swimming alongside a group of Buffleheads. At first, the head and thin bill made me instantly think Red-breasted Merganser, which is not uncommon in the area. However, It didn't present a good profile view and I was unable to judge it's size very well. It appeared to be only slightly larger than the nearby Buffleheads making my doubt my ID.
  6. I'm trying to learn shorebirds and hope I am getting better at IDs. I struggle with the smaller birds in particular. These birds were seen yesterday in Morro Bar, CA from the State Park boardwalk. The first two pics, I believe, are Semipalmated Plovers, even though the bills seemed too dark. The third photo looks like a Dunlin in the foreground. It was in a flock of over 50 birds that seemed all to be the same species.The fourth photo is the same flock, but the bird in the front left looks different, specifically, the bill doesn't seem to droop like the previous bird. Could it be a Western Sandpiper. Photo #5 looks like another group of Dunlins. The peeps wading in #6 appear to have greenish legs, so I'm guessing they are Least Sandpipers. The last bird struck me as an odd duck, excuse the expression, because of the lighter color. I couldn't decide if somehow the sunlight had blanched out but color of the bird on the right. The breastband appears to be complete and rather dark. But, could it be a Piping Plover (it would be a rarity here) or a Snowy, or just a washed out photo of another Semipalmated Plover. Thank you for the help with these birds, it is very appreciated.
  7. I saw these birds in Morro Bay at the State Park along the boardwalk yesterday. I saw a few White-crowned and Song Sparrows there, but these birds had some features that looked distinctly different from those birds. The first bird stood out to me because I clearly saw a white malar stripe in profile. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a photo of the throat. Could it be a Rufous-Crowned Sparrow? The bird in the third photo first struck me as having a rather long tail and I just wasn't convinced it was a White-crowned Sparrow. There have been reports of a Savannah Sparrow there recently.
  8. I saw these gulls in San Luis Obispo County, Oceano County Park yesterday. Earlier in the week another birder had posted pics on eBird of very similar birds at this location and ID'd them as a Glaucus-winged Gull and another almost identical bird, to me anyway, as an Icelandic Gull (Thayer's). The link to that post https://ebird.org/checklist/S63744719 . The gulls I photographed look like the same birds in the eBird post. Can someone please ID the birds I photographed.
  9. I'm trying to learn to ID gulls These gulls were all seen in the lagoon at Avila Beach in San Luis Obispo County. Thanks. First, I think this is a Ring-billed Gull. In the second pic is a Western Gull and a second, smaller gull I couldn't ID. Third, I'm guessing is an immature Mew gull. I'm basing my guess on the relative size of the bird (compared to Godwits) and the slender bill. Lastly, the gull in the center of the frame looking left appeared distinctly smaller than the rest of the gulls, Westerns mostly, so Mew Gull again, maybe.
  10. I've been hearing this bird high up in a tall eucalyptus tree on my property just south of San Luis Obispo, California. I can make out a stealthy solitary bird about the size of a sparrow but is gone before I can get to my bins. The best I could do is get this recording. I'm hoping someone with a keen ear can help with an ID. I know it's not much to go on but I appreciate anyone making the effort. I'm pretty familiar with the bird calls around my home and this one is new to me. Thanks. Voice_191216.3gp
  11. I struggle with Gull IDs. I want to say this is a Ring-billed gull, but without a good luck at the legs, I can't tell.
  12. Is there any way to tell from this photo, or generally when a Tropical Kingbird is perched, if the tail is a Tropical, other than the color?
  13. Here's another shot of the geese showing a little profile for the Ross's/Snow Goose. This was a true "Hat trick" for me as they are all new lifers for me if my ID's hold. A Cackling Goose and Ross's Goose had both been reported there on eBird earlier in the week.
  14. These geese were seen this week in Pismo Beach, CA. I believe, judging from the size, they are a Ross's Goose, a Cackling Goose, and a Greater White-fronted Goose all grazing alongside a flock of Canada Geese (not in the frame).
  15. I saw this Kingbird last week in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The bill looks large enough to me to think Tropical Kingbird. The first photo was my best pic of the tail. Does the tail indicate a Cassin's or Tropical. Thanks.
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