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  1. Thank you all. As always, helpful. Patricia
  2. Seen today in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Thank you. https://imgur.com/8xf8Hbx
  3. Thank you for the ID on the Chaffinch. Looking at photos of the Ferruginous Duck, the eyes look a little more whitish. I don't recall seeing a white rump. Any chance that it is a Tufted?
  4. Both photos taken this July in eastern Scotland in a wooded area with a pond. 1. What bird? https://i.imgur.com/K7IX8WK.jpg 2. Greater or Lesser Scaup https://i.imgur.com/O3IU1vZ.jpg
  5. A sincere thanks to everyone for their help. Patricia
  6. Yes, it almost has the head of a fish eagle. Thank you Charlie. Patricia
  7. Both seen in central Massachusetts within the month. 1. https://imgur.com/k6V3b9Q 2. https://imgur.com/cacakur
  8. Melierax - Thank you for outlining the differences. Very helpful. Patricia
  9. Is this a Rock Wren as well? https://imgur.com/6LIPEmP
  10. Saw in early February in Buckeye Arizona. Pacific Wren? https://imgur.com/VsgT3Hg
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