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  1. Osprey nest, Fort Wainwright, Alaska.
  2. RDP68

    Great Gray Owl

  3. Looking North toward Wickersham Dome, Fox, Alaska Great Gray Owl from the Dalton Highway, Alaska
  4. These Osprey are using an old Bald Eagle nest on the Chena River, Fort Wainwright, Alaska.
  5. This is part of a large colony of Cliff Swallows at the Yukon River Camp, Dalton Highway, Alaska.
  6. RDP68

    Boreal Chickadee

    North Pole, Alaska
  7. RDP68

    Boreal Chickadee

    North Pole, Alaska
  8. RDP68

    Spruce Grouse

    North Pole, Alaska
  9. RDP68

    Trumpeter Swans

    Fairbanks, Alaska
  10. RDP68

    Great Gray Owl

    Hess Creek, Alaska
  11. RDP68

    Great Gray Owl

    Livengood, Alaska
  12. RDP68


    Fort Wainwright, Alaska
  13. RDP68

    Cliff Swallow colony

    Yukon River Camp, Alaska
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