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  1. I've seen one on my neighbor's feeder but not mine.  I'm thinking of moving it to the back of the house into a shady spot. Besides I can see it better than in the front.  That way I can keep an eye out for them.  Also the nectar is packaged and dyed red... I know They are attracted to red but next door is clear... They seem to like that better.. And it's more shaded than mine... Yes? No? 

  2. Well folks we are officially empty nesters.. #2 took flight this morning.. Good luck to my babies!!  Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I did watching them grow... Sure hope I see them again during the rest of the summer.  

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  3. On 7/10/2019 at 11:46 PM, Bird Brain said:
    On 7/10/2019 at 11:46 PM, Bird Brain said:

    Great photos!!!

    Well yesterday one was practicing .. This morning I may have seen 1st flight  cuz when I went out I thought it was momma..but off she\he zipped and then there was 1... I looked up and oh there you are!! 




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  4. 21 hours ago, Bird Brain said:

    Great photos!!!

    Thanks!  I'm on vacation next week and hope to get better shots using my Nikon dslr! I've been taking pics with my phone standing on tip toes and holding the over nest. Basically blind, I can't see them I'm not tall enough! So I don't know what the picture is going to look like till after! But it works!! 

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  5. I didn't get a shot of her feeding them this morning as I really didn't want to disturb her (and I was totally in thralled watching her I hadn't see her feeding them yet)   but I did after.. Poor ichy babies will you look all the oin feathers!! (I have a parrot I know they make him crazy ichy ) 

    hummer babies july9.jpg

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  6. Thank for the welcome!

    I'm in North East Ohio near Cleveland.  I'll post updates for sure!  I worry since its been raining and cold here and occasionally windy. She is on top of a windchime!! Lol😬😕  I put a feeder nearby and put some banana peals out to attract some yummy bugs for her and the babies when they arrive.  

  7. There has been a Hummingbird near my house every year but this is a 1st for me!  Every night when I came home a bird would zoom out from under the eaves near the door. Then a few nights ago my man friend says hey there is a Hummingbird stuck up in the corner under the eaves. He said he turned out the front light so maybe it would calm and find its way out.  We brain stormed as to why it might be there, roosting, catching bugs, but we never thought it would be nesting... Not only nesting but doing it on the TOP OF A WINDCHIME!!! .. We are to excited!!! There are 2 eggs!!  Silly girl!!! What other crazy places have folks found nests? 



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