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  1. Thanks. This one has been visiting my feeders for a while but this is the first time I've caught it with my camera.
  2. Taken 12/7/2019 in Eugene OR. Sorry for the grainy photo, taken through my living room window on an overcast day.
  3. Well now, that gives Happy Hour a whole new meaning! 😊 BTW, if you live in Texas you must live near the coast, 'cause that critter looks to be an amphibian.
  4. Let me try this again with the correct links this time. This is an oldie I posted before the crash ...
  5. A Red-winged Blackbird taking a ride on a Great Egret.
  6. I believe that is breeding plumage. It normally lies on top of the wings rather than under them and bunched together as in your shot. The birds can extend them out into the air around their bodies, making a kind of airy cage around them when courting (google "great egret courtship display). Also, the date is right for breeding plumage. In your image they appear to have gotten wet and bunched together. Sometimes other birds have a rather different use for them, as you can see ...
  7. Black-capped Chickadee on a feeder wire.
  8. Anna's Hummingbird at my feeder this morning.
  9. Red-breasted Nuthatch - taken yesterday, but still fresh. 😊
  10. Thanks, BigOly. That is a great tip that I did not know.
  11. Two Wings and a Prayer — Black-capped Chickadee taking flight.
  12. Both pics are of the same bird and were taken on 9/6/2019 in Eugene, Oregon. I'm pretty sure I am right on this one. If I am not mistaken, the only other option in my area would be a Rufous female. Thanks!
  13. Yes, this is an Osprey. I have never heard them referred to as "Western Osprey" before. My sources list Pandion haliaetus as simply "Osprey."
  14. How deep within the being chain doth the need begin? Scratch, scratch. against this raging of the skin!
  15. Thanks everyone! It is good to be back. I used to be on Whatbird as David Case during the pre-crash days. Now I'm back as the same old me with a less formal handle - Dave Case. It's been a long time since I last posted and a long time since I got a lifer photo, so thanks for the confirms!
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