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  1. I had at first thought this might be a leucistic Canada Goose since it was hanging with some, but someone else pointed out that it was a Snow Goose. That looks right to me at this point. It was not in a location where I would have expected to see a Snow Goose and it was not in a large flock so I got confused, at least that;s my excuse and I am sticking with it! :) Delta Ponds, Eugene OR, 4/10/2020
  2. Tony — thanks for your input. I have included the only two images I have of #2 below. I've reduced the exposure some to try and get more detail out of the over-exposed areas.
  3. Alex — I think you are correct about #4 and #5 being the same bird. I checked the timing on the two shot sequences and they were separated by only two seconds, so I probably took my finger off the shutter for a bit. Your help on this has been invaluable. I will use the following IDs — Glaucous-winged X Herring - 1, 4, 5, 6 Western - 2 Glaucous-winged - 3 Thanks again, David
  4. Alex — Thank you for taking the time to explain all of this. I hope it eventually sinks in a bit. I tend to ID intuitively where my intuitions are shaped by my experience of observing a species in the wild. After enough experience I just start recognizing the species on sight. Some species take longer than others. Starlings used to trip me up a lot due to their varied appearance due to age and season. So far gulls have been the most resistant to my natural intuitive process. I do recognize Glaucous-winged and Ring-billed most of the time now, but the other species are not yet coming into focus. The situation with gulls is more complex than with Starlings because of all the hybridization, especially here in the PNW. Again, thank you so much for all of your help, which is especially valuable in a forum like this where others can benefit as well.
  5. Okay, it's more complicated than I had hoped. Thank you!
  6. Here are the last three ... Gull 4 - Glaucous-winged? Gull 5 Gull 6 - obviously not an adult. What can be gleaned from the all-black bill? Thanks again!
  7. I am terrible at gulls. If these follow the pattern they are likely Glaucous-winged or Ring-billed but I have trouble telling. All photos taken 2/22/2020 at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, OR. Gull 1 Gull 2 Gull 3 Thanks for your help!
  8. Well, yesterday (2/22/2020) but that's close enough!
  9. Taken 2/11/20 in Eugene, Oregon At first I had these pegged as Canada Geese but after looking at the photo more carefully, I am wondering if these are not Cackling Geese, at least most of them. The bird on the far left and the pair in the penultimate right position look larger and might be Canada. What say you fine bird experts? Thanks for the help!
  10. I'm pretty sure I've got this ID correct but this is the first time I've photographed this species so it doesn't hurt to be sure. Taken 1/19/2020 at Delta Ponds City Park in Eugene OR Thanks!
  11. Thanks. This one has been visiting my feeders for a while but this is the first time I've caught it with my camera.
  12. Taken 12/7/2019 in Eugene OR. Sorry for the grainy photo, taken through my living room window on an overcast day.
  13. Well now, that gives Happy Hour a whole new meaning! ? BTW, if you live in Texas you must live near the coast, 'cause that critter looks to be an amphibian.
  14. Let me try this again with the correct links this time. This is an oldie I posted before the crash ...
  15. A Red-winged Blackbird taking a ride on a Great Egret.
  16. I believe that is breeding plumage. It normally lies on top of the wings rather than under them and bunched together as in your shot. The birds can extend them out into the air around their bodies, making a kind of airy cage around them when courting (google "great egret courtship display). Also, the date is right for breeding plumage. In your image they appear to have gotten wet and bunched together. Sometimes other birds have a rather different use for them, as you can see ...
  17. Black-capped Chickadee on a feeder wire.
  18. Red-breasted Nuthatch - taken yesterday, but still fresh. ?
  19. Thanks, BigOly. That is a great tip that I did not know.
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