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  1. Two Wings and a Prayer — Black-capped Chickadee taking flight.
  2. Both pics are of the same bird and were taken on 9/6/2019 in Eugene, Oregon. I'm pretty sure I am right on this one. If I am not mistaken, the only other option in my area would be a Rufous female. Thanks!
  3. Yes, this is an Osprey. I have never heard them referred to as "Western Osprey" before. My sources list Pandion haliaetus as simply "Osprey."
  4. How deep within the being chain doth the need begin? Scratch, scratch. against this raging of the skin!
  5. Thanks everyone! It is good to be back. I used to be on Whatbird as David Case during the pre-crash days. Now I'm back as the same old me with a less formal handle - Dave Case. It's been a long time since I last posted and a long time since I got a lifer photo, so thanks for the confirms!
  6. Photo taken 6/11/2019 at Delta Ponds City Park, Eugene OR Thank you! David Case
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