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  1. Junco in my backyard. - look at those long toenails!
  2. We took a quick walk this afternoon. Found this nice Eastern Phoebe 2i5h3NS
  3. I had very few opportunities to shoot lately. This is a little Downy in my backyard this afternoon. I was playing with B&W processing.
  4. I found my own ovenbird yesterday. This one was missing all of it's limbs
  5. Pictures from some of my lifers from Phoenix Gila Woodpecker Say's Phoebe
  6. Business trip to Phoenix gave me a few lifers. Cactus Wren Albert's Towhee Gambel's Quail Gila Woodpecker Say's Phoebe Pictures to follow....
  7. Not my "best" photo but I did something really cool this past weekend. It was pouring down rain but we had a great time. Pic courtesy of my husband.
  8. My books are packed away and I am terrible with warblers. Is this a Cape May? Winston Salem, NC 10/6/19
  9. Yesterday was a bad day for photography. However, I managed to get a few decent shots from deep in the woods. American Redstart
  10. Eastern Wood Peewee or Willow Flycatcher. -something else? The peaked head has me leaning Peewee although Willow's breed in the area. North Carolina 10/5/19
  11. I hate to say this, but I think a lot of the old members have moved on to other sites. There have been too many forum crashes and that can be really discouraging. That's too bad. I really like this forum, but it is not the same without some of the members from the old forum. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to increase membership? It would be great to restore this forum to its glory days. as for my local area, I was able to see a Yellow Warbler in my backyard for the first. time. ever. Migration is great. We also have a resident Crow "family" that love our sunflower chips. They are fun to watch. We have a swampy area within 1/4 mile so we get a lot of flyover Ducks and Herons. We are far enough south that many of they stay through the winter.
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