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  1. We have a resident dragonfly who guards our pond. It makes for great photo-ops
  2. Another one from Sunday 8/4/19 Red-Winged Blackbird
  3. I see a yellow gape so this might be a young bird helping with the new brood
  4. Is there enough here to list this as a Yellow Warbler on ebird? This is the only shot I got. Winston Salem, NC
  5. That was my first impression, but the pale beak was throwing me off. thanks!
  6. Size is notoriously difficult to judge. They are a only about 6 inches or so.
  7. I though this was a young/female red-winged blackbird. Now I am questioning it. Is this a young Dickcissel? Winston Salem, NC 8-4-19
  8. I'm thinking one of the chickadee's I'm not sure what you have there. maybe a Mountain?
  9. I think I see a curved culmen so that makes it a house finch for me too.
  10. I agree with Downy woodpecker due to the smaller bill, spotting on the outer tail feathers and lack of shoulder spur.
  11. This is giving me more of a Red-Tailed Hawk vibe.
  12. You have a Horned Lark that is hiding its horns
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