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  1. If it is still there this weekend, I may plan a trip to Jordan Lake. 🙂
  2. Can I have 2 for today? This is the best shot I could get of an Eastern Wood Peewee. They are very skittish
  3. female black-throated blue? 9/27/20 Winston Salem, NC
  4. Another unknown today. these may be both the same bird but I'm not sure. There were at least 2 birds bathing in the little creek. Winston Salem, NC 9/20/20
  5. I'm terrible with flycatchers. Any thoughts? 9/20/20 Winston Salem, NC
  6. I'm going through some older pics. Is this a Cassin's Finch? Phoenix Arizona - November 2019
  7. A Willet on the beach. The sun was very harsh and I blew out the highlights but I still like this shot.
  8. I have heard about "bad" photographers baiting the owls with mice to get the perfect shot. This is just a bad practice in general. The rules I listed above were put in place when there was in irruption of Snowys showing up in the lower 48 during the summer. People would chase them in the daytime when they are trying to sleep. The reason for the camera information was to make sure the photographer was far enough away to as not to disturb the owl. Although... people can lie. I guess they have continued the practice in an effort to give them some special protection. Snowy pics are
  9. An American Goldfinch handing around by backyard
  10. I witnessed this interaction between a wasp and a small bee. The stared at each other a few seconds then the bee left.
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