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  1. I ended up paying the yearly fee for Flickr.... which goes up every year...
  2. Is this a Song Sparrow or something else? I was thinking Swamp because of the chestnut color, but they don't breed here in North Carolina.
  3. I love it when the babies come around. A young Brown Thrasher inspecting our landscape project.
  4. This was a first for me. Nine Banded Armadillo in South Carolina in March 2020
  5. It didn't really strike me as a Wren. It was more large sparrow sized. I may send this Pic to others to get more opinions. I will update if I find out more.
  6. This is the only shot I got of this bird. I was thinking Eastern Towhee but I always thought they had more of a rusty undertails and the black and the white on the tail would be reversed. It looks like too white going up the chest for an American Robin Winston Salem,NC 5/13/20
  7. thanks, that's what I was leaning toward but wanted to be sure before I posted my list on eBird
  8. Are these Swainsons? Winston Salem, NC 5/13/20
  9. how about a sparrow taking any kind of bath? It's not very dusty here...
  10. bluebird babies! All five hatched and are doing fine.
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