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  1. For years we maintained a saltwater tank. Until..... the tank leaked at 3 AM and almost caused an electrical fire. We ended up giving everything away including our 10+ y/o Tomato Clownfish. 🙁
  2. We have a bluebird sitting on 4 eggs. There were 5 until a pesky House Sparrow got to one. I have a camera in the box so I will show some videos when they hatch.
  3. Hiking... cycling...motorcycling...wildlife photography... basically anything that gets us outdoors and anything that my old joints can still do. I gave up running and skiing many years ago due to bad knees.
  4. I like 1 but maybe tweek the white balance a little. Seems a tad warm.
  5. Personally, I like the first crop better but for ebird, I would choose the second photo. The bird fills the frame and that is what the goal is for that site.
  6. This is an interesting thread. Maybe I am weird (or old) but I never paid attention to the ratings on ebird. I feel that there are 2 main types of bird photography. Documentation and artistic. Sometimes the 2 merge into one. I prefer a more artistic style and that will not get a high rating on ebird. If it is something unusual I will post the picture regardless of quality.
  7. This video is old but it's one of my favorites. We installed an Eagle Cam several years ago at a local lake (with cooperation from the US Fish and Wildlife Dept). That was one of the first videos we downloaded from the camera.
  8. We found this den while birding a few weeks ago and set up a trail cam. We downloaded the first set of videos this weekend.
  9. this pic is cropped -no other changes. This is why I was wondering about my ID. The shaped looked good, but the color was a little off. It looked like this in the field too.
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