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  1. I almost never shoot Canada Goose. They are so common that I tend to overlook them. By chance I snuck up on a small flock today. This was the result
  2. Very nicely done. I do very minimal editing mainly because I am not very good at it. I have AfterShot Pro for raw files and Paint shop pro as my photoshop alternative. Both of these are relatively cheap and both are by Corel. Have you ever tried Topaz Denoise? It works great for high ISO pics.
  3. A bucket of baby Kestrels ready to be banded. applying the band
  4. We also did a pond several years ago. The birds love it...the frogs love it... but we keep losing our fish to Barred Owls and Red-shouldered Hawks!
  5. The first bird I knew the name of was a Red-winged Blackbird. They would nest in the field in front of our house. There was a natural spring that flowed there and it created a small wetland. They co-existed very peacefully with the cows. I was about 8 yo.
  6. We have a pair nesting every year along our local greenway. They like to hide whenever I am there. This is the best I could do. From 2016
  7. I have the Canon Connect app and I find it worthless for bird photography in my hands. My pics are never sharp as it lags on the focus. I only use it for quick downloads to my phone. It might be better for more stationary objects or landscapes.
  8. If it is still there this weekend, I may plan a trip to Jordan Lake. 🙂
  9. Can I have 2 for today? This is the best shot I could get of an Eastern Wood Peewee. They are very skittish
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