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  1. I belong to the Facebook group Birds of the Eastern US. (0ver 30k members) They have the following guidelines regarding Snowy Owls "Any and all Snowy Owl photographs must include all of the following: Camera make/model; camera lens specifics including focal length, make, and model; and distance from the bird. Otherwise the post will be deleted" and this one on baby birds in nests. "Please refrain from posting baby birds in nests unless you took the shot from a good distance with a telephoto lens or zoom. We want to discourage disturbance of nesting birds and their young. Close-up nest shots of babies/eggs etc. will be deleted. Any shots of this type must have been taken with a zoom or long lens (telephoto), and you must include the information on what gear you used and the distance from the birds/nest." I don't think that's too much to ask.
  2. I agree with Double Crested Cormorant. You will love NC. ( I am in Winston Salem) If you get a chance, check out the Bald Eagles and Osprey at Jordan Lake. And Welcome to Whatbird!
  3. it was getting dark, so this was the best pic I could get. (I had to lighten it in post) Fox Squirrel - biggest squirrel I have ever seen!
  4. Yes - Juvie Red-Headed. The big white wings patches are a dead giveaway.
  5. I ended up paying the yearly fee for Flickr.... which goes up every year...
  6. Is this a Song Sparrow or something else? I was thinking Swamp because of the chestnut color, but they don't breed here in North Carolina.
  7. I love it when the babies come around. A young Brown Thrasher inspecting our landscape project.
  8. This was a first for me. Nine Banded Armadillo in South Carolina in March 2020
  9. It didn't really strike me as a Wren. It was more large sparrow sized. I may send this Pic to others to get more opinions. I will update if I find out more.
  10. This is the only shot I got of this bird. I was thinking Eastern Towhee but I always thought they had more of a rusty undertails and the black and the white on the tail would be reversed. It looks like too white going up the chest for an American Robin Winston Salem,NC 5/13/20
  11. thanks, that's what I was leaning toward but wanted to be sure before I posted my list on eBird
  12. Are these Swainsons? Winston Salem, NC 5/13/20
  13. how about a sparrow taking any kind of bath? It's not very dusty here...
  14. bluebird babies! All five hatched and are doing fine.
  15. Our bluebirds hatched yesterday! (2/17/20) pictures coming soon
  16. Our crows keep being chased off by the colony of Common Grackles that are nesting in our yard.
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