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  1. We have a crow family in our yard. Every time I try to take their pic, they scatter. They are very skittish. I will keep stalking them...
  2. awesome - and the life list continues to grow!
  3. What about this one with the black legs
  4. I got several lifers this past weekend at Hilton Head,SC Piping Plover Black Skimmers Semi-Palmated Sandpiper Semi- Palmated Plover (correct my if I am wrong) and finally - Yellow Throated Warbler (heavily cropped and lightened)
  5. It was too late to edit the original post. This one is correct. Great Egret
  6. Snowy Egret at Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, SC 3/14/20
  7. Is this an immature Piping Plover? It was with a flock of adults on Hilton Head Island, SC 3/16/20
  8. Our Common Grackles are starting to come in. They nest by the dozens in our trees. We also had a flock of male Redwing Blackbird some by our yard last week. They stayed for a day and flew off.
  9. A few years ago at our platform feeder.
  10. Junco in my backyard. - look at those long toenails!
  11. We took a quick walk this afternoon. Found this nice Eastern Phoebe 2i5h3NS
  12. I had very few opportunities to shoot lately. This is a little Downy in my backyard this afternoon. I was playing with B&W processing.
  13. I found my own ovenbird yesterday. This one was missing all of it's limbs
  14. Pictures from some of my lifers from Phoenix Gila Woodpecker Say's Phoebe
  15. Business trip to Phoenix gave me a few lifers. Cactus Wren Albert's Towhee Gambel's Quail Gila Woodpecker Say's Phoebe Pictures to follow....
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