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  1. Tufted Duck in Santa Barbara, CA a few days ago...
  2. Got within 10 feet of an AMAZING male Barn owl about 20 mins. after midnight. Unfortunately didn't have my camera. 😞
  3. I think that they are domestic, but I would wait for more responses.
  4. Fire ant in my friends yard, they have a nest. From about a week ago. (I could sit and watch them run around forever!)
  5. Finally got a Snow Goose Today! (Plus possibly some other gulls yet to be identified...)
  6. Seen in Grover Beach, CA today while watching a continuing snow goose. Seemed different...loved being fed, hungry, too! 2 birds, pic 3 is a different bird than the others. Have plenty more pics if needed...
  7. Seen at Morro Bay yesterday. Assuming that most of these are Surf Scoters.
  8. Seen at Morro Bay, CA. Originally thought this could be a lingering Costa's, but pretty much given up on that.
  9. Seen at Morro Bay, CA yesterday. Pics are of two birds in the marina.
  10. Seen in Morro Bay, CA yesterday. Pretty Sure Greater because of upturned bill.
  11. Seen behind Lopez Lake, CA on May 5, 2019.
  12. Seen in Big Sur, CA on April 23, 2019. Warbler?
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