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  1. I wonder if birds ever get so much that they can't see where they're going and fly into things?🤣
  2. These are the first two birds that come to my mind; 1. Peregrine Falcon--shape of tail seems to fit, but lack of barring and obvious dark underside don't. Also Peregrine Falcon feet are yellow. 2. RED-FOOTED FALCON--I realize that this is HIGHLY unlikely, but the feet coloration, dark underside, and the fact that it has a rounded tail support RED-FOOTED FALCON. (They can look like they have a rounded tail sometimes.) Like @Jefferson Shank said, maybe best left as falcon sp.
  3. I got LeConte's Thrasher at Carrizo Plain NM, San Luis Obispo cty., CA a couple days ago. (No photo, unfortunately 😒)
  4. Welcome to Whatbird! This is actually a Red-Winged Blackbird.
  5. Welcome to Whatbird! This is actually a young American Robin. Edit: Beaten by Akandula and BirdNrd!!!
  6. 200622_2467.WMA Heard this bird in my backyard, not sure what it is. Thanks!
  7. Seen in San Luis Obispo, CA today thanks!
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