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  1. Hammond's. Long pp., small bill, overall very dull.
  2. Great help, thx guys. We have yet to discuss dates, but are basically thinking of an overnight thing, have a whole day there, then the nxt morning if needed type deal, but definitely in June. I'll keep you guys posted on date...
  3. Hello all, We are planning on going up to SF sometime this month (June) to chase the PAAU, and are wondering if anyone has any info/advice on chasing it?? Thanks @Connor Cochrane@DLecy@AlexHenry@Aidan B
  4. Hi all! So it looks like we might be able to go for a weekend birding trip down to Orange County this summer. We are thinking of going down in July(?), and I was wondering about where/when to see some target birds, or if you guys have any other tips for viewing: - Mandarin Duck (TeWinkle Park?) - Ridgway's Rail (Bolsa Chica/Newport Bay at high tide?) - Black Skimmer (Bolsa Chica/Newport Bay?) - Reddish Egret (Bolsa Chica?) - Least Bittern (IRWD San Joaquin Marsh?) - Parrots/Parakeets (Maybe a known roost?) - Cactus Wren - California Gnatcatcher - Swinhoe's White-Eye - Red Bishop - Pin-tailed Whydah - Orange-cheeked Waxbill - Mountain Chickadee (Serrano Creek Park?) - Common Ground-dove? I think that I might be able to negotiate 3 days for birding, so any help on these is very much appreciated! @IKLland @Connor Cochrane @Aidan B @AlexHenry@DLecy
  5. Looks fine for 1st-cycle RBGU. No age of LAGU has that pale blue mantle combined with the extensive brown coverts that this bird has.
  6. Why not Cave? Both birds have paler chins than I would expect on a Cliff.
  7. This was from land. Not a gull. I spent a lot of time studying this bird, and it was at least the size of a pelican, and it was constantly soaring, only flapping it's wings twice. Here is some other shots of what I believe is the same bird:
  8. Definitely not a pelican. lots of soaring. I have more pics if needed.
  9. Just confirming that this bird is a least. The tiny bill and split supercilium struck me as odd for the species. I have more pics if needed.
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