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  1. oh, whoops, thanks anyways! Maybe someone on ebird can help...
  2. OK, so I am still fairly new to Whatbird, and I feel silly asking this😌, but what does "Bump" mean?
  3. All seen on the central coast of CA. It was Suggested to me that these could be White-Rumped Sandpiper...but after studying them in comparison with other sandpipers, I am having trouble separating White-Rumps in migration from non-breeding Least Sandpiper. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Greater Scaup for both. (Also Bufflehead and Redheads) nice birds!
  5. I believe you have got a Blue-Winged Teal.
  6. This is indeed a yellow-rumped warbler. not sure on subspecies group.
  7. Welcome to whatbird! This is a Muscovy Duck. Also, if you include the location and/or date, You will get a more confident answer.
  8. Welcome to whatbird! this is a Red-Eyed Vireo.
  9. lack of "capped" appearance, and larger white spots on barred chest: sharp-shinned hawk.
  10. 1. yes 2. yes 3. Whimbrel 4.-6. song sparrow 7. and 8. pass
  11. Thanks! Can you differentiate which species it is?
  12. White-rumped would be pretty rare, but not unheard of...COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I have any extra confirmation since white-rumped would be a lifer? thanks!
  13. What do these belong to? Lopez Lake, CA on 2/11/19.
  14. Seen at Lopez Lake, CA on 2/11/19.
  15. Seen at, you guessed it, Oso Flaco, near Guadalupe, CA on 10/13/19.
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