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  1. Common House-Martin (https://ebird.org/media/catalog?taxonCode=cohmar1&q=Common House-Martin - Delichon urbicum) is an accidental visitor from the Old World and also has an entirely white rump, but note the tail: 1. Violet-green 2. House-Martin
  2. Dusky Grouse -- Anywhere in the adjacent mountains. Flammulated Owl -- Manitou Experimental Forest American Three-toed Woodpecker -- Mueller SP Williamson's Sapsucker -- Mueller SP Red-naped Sapsucker -- Manitou Lake Clark's Nutcracker -- Anywhere in the adjacent mountains. Mueller SP. Canada Jay -- Rainbow Gulch Trail, Pikes Peak--Glen Cove Mountain Bluebird -- anywhere Western Bluebird -- anywhere Townsend's Solitaire -- Garden of the Gods American Dipper -- Seven Falls & South Cheyenne Canyon, Fountain Creek Regional Park Bushtit -- Anywhere away from the mountains. Red Crossbill -- Manitou Lake Cassin's Finch -- Red Rock Canyon Open Space MacGillivray's Warbler -- Green Mountain Falls (town) Townsend's Warbler -- Fountain Creek Regional Park Virginia's Warbler -- Red Rock Canyon Open Space https://www.visitcos.com/blog/pikes-peak-birding-trail/ https://www.aikenaudubon.com/birding/local-birding/ Good Luck!
  3. Big Johnson Reservoir & Bluestem Prairie Open Space Fountain Creek Regional Park Clear Spring Ranch Chico Basin Ranch Memorial Park & Prospect Lake Any target birds?
  4. Zenaida Doves would not occur in California as natural vagrants. ZEDOs are a casual stray to south Florida.
  5. I guess its posture makes it look chunkier than it is. The paleness of it is artifact of the photo I guess.
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