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  1. 8/25/19 Please confirm that this is a Least and not a Pectoral.
  2. Northern Rough-winged Swallow. Note that the white throat not wrapping around by the ears.
  3. Vaux's and Chimney Swifts are usually undistinguishable unless you hear them.
  4. Likely alaudinus. Could also be nevadensis depending on how far inland this bird was.
  5. No, I saw the prior one, but it is only the second one I've seen and its cool that I found a second (or refound the first) county record!
  6. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I have, is it IDable?
  7. Whoops! @Aveschapines, can you delete this post?
  8. Seen on Dec. 15th, 2020. This bird was seen a few weeks after a FIELD SPARROW was seen in the same spot as this bird. We all thought that the FESP had died.
  9. Post pics of Hybrids! 1. Glaucous x Glaucous-winged Gull 2. Golden-crowned x White-crowned Sparrow 3. "Audubon's" x "Myrtle" Warbler
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