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  1. This is an Anna's. Away from California's deserts and the sierras, Anna's is generally the expected species. (This of course only applies to areas within Anna's hummingbird's range.) 1. Female/immature male Black-chinned Hummingbird (usually appears small) 2. Juv. female Anna's Hummingbird 3. Female Costa's Hummingbird (notice how chunky they usually look)
  2. Western and Glaucous-winged gulls. Maybe an Olympic gull or two.
  3. top two are house finch, bottom bird is house sparrow.
  4. A good place I know of is Shevlin Park, in Bend, OR, if you ever are in the area.
  5. This is actually a Lewis's Woodpecker. Nice Shot! This is a very good bird for western Nebraska and should be reported.
  6. 1. pass on swan 2. Nashville Warbler 3. Brown-headed Cowbird
  7. Someone posted a Lawrence's warbler (hybrid), but I don't think it's reliable.
  8. He is saying that the bird on the left is a surf scoter. I just was wondering about the bird on the right.
  9. San Luis Obispo county, CA April 17th, 2021
  10. San Luis Obispo county, CA April 7th, 2021 1. Western 2. ??? 3. Western
  11. San Luis Obispo county, CA April 5th, 2021
  12. San Luis Obispo county, CA March 27th, 2021 1., 2. what tern? (BRIGHT RED LEGS AND FEET) 3.-5. Golden-Plover? 6. Confirm Herring Gull
  13. San Luis Obispo, CA March 11th, 2021 IT HAS SOME YELLOW IN THE CENTER OF THE THROAT @BirdNrdhas more pics I'm sure he'll upload soon enough. @Connor Cochrane
  14. San luis obispo county, CA Feb. 20th, 2021 1. Thayer's (Rightmost bird) 2. Thayer's (The immature in the center) 3. Herring (Immature with bicolored bill on center left) 4-7. ??? (Large adult on the left with red orbital eye ring) 8.,9. ???
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