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  1. Seen at Oso Flaco Beach, near Guadalupe, CA on 10/13/19. Can you guys ID the larger Sandpipers? They were hanging out out with the leasts and flew off with them when a peregrine falcon flew in.
  2. OK, why does it have a green green speculum?
  3. Thanks! Common Tern would be a lifer, so can anyone else provide extra confirmation?
  4. at Oso Flaco Lake, near Guadalupe, CA on 10/13/19.
  5. Seen at Oso Flaco near Guadalupe, CA on 10/13/19.
  6. Seen at Morro bay, CA on 10/12/19.
  7. Yellow-rumped Warbler... maybe someone else can tell you which subspecies group.
  8. Sometimes the bird will stay in one place if it suites him... sometimes he finds somewhere better, it's up to him.
  9. Seen in sweet springs preserve in morro bay, California, on 10/12/19. Green-Winged?
  10. Seen in Grover Beach, CA today. Easily called in with Hermit Thrush song.
  11. 1. brown-headed cowbird 2. and 3. My initial opinion is bronzed, but it is out of range. 2. and 3. might not be safely identifiable...
  12. toad at Lopez lake, CA. Found him under a rock. Can anyone ID it?
  13. seen at rancho Guadalupe, Guadalupe, CA on 9/2/19.
  14. Any other terns besides royal, or even an unusual gull? seen at Rancho Guadalupe, Guadalupe, CA on 9/2/19.
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