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  1. So I put this on eBird as a Golden-Crowned sparrow x White-Crowned Sparrow (Hybrid) and My county reviewer said that it was an immature Golden-Crowned sparrow molting into adult plumage and that they can look like that sometimes. Now what?
  2. The link isn't working, but I can tell you that 2 people said Turkey Vulture, 4 people said bird sp., and 2 people said Golden Eagle.
  3. I'm sure you can, but it just never works for me.
  4. I cropped some of the pics a bit. I originally thought the first couple of photos were indeed Rufous because of the notched R2, but wanted to be sure. I was thinking the last two photos are Allen's. Anybody else?
  5. I will research how to get the links to work.
  6. this is the last link I have, hope it works!!Video - Google Photos.mhtml
  7. thanks, I hope it works! I also added another link if it doesn't work https://photos.google.com/ it's at the very top.
  8. OK, thanks! By any chance do you know how to add an audio/video?
  9. 1. Pronghorn 2. Common Buckeye
  10. Seen at Lopez Lake, CA on 3/12/20. Just double-checking because there was an adult Bald Eagle hanging around. Thanks!
  11. Heard in Laguna Lake, San Luis Obispo, CA on 3/21/20 at 1:25 P.M. Was wondering if it was a Rail, Bittern, or Heron, maybe an Egret. Had to add a link. Appreciate all the help! https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOlmt_NQ6v9BWmsCOPg6xXUnHiHROnbx4OdqWeB
  12. Seen at Cypress Ridge Golf Course and pavilion, Arroyo Grande, CA and Laguna Lake, San Luis Obispo, CA in the past Week. Thanks
  13. Mourning Dove. Common Ground Dove would be smaller with a scaly head and bicolored bill.
  14. You can delete the other post.
  15. Welcome to Whatbird!! Yes! Note the dark Belly-band.
  16. I'm going to the one in California
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