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  1. Mostly by lack of white in wing, bill and head shape and the amount of feathering extending onto the side of the bill. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/White-winged_Scoter/species-compare
  2. I remember IDing this bird in the field as Long-billed, and I believe it was vocal at the time.
  3. Contrast between cap and cheek is quite variable, and both can show contrast and no contrast. Based on bill shape, this bird looks fine for Eared Grebe.
  4. The duck appears to be a Mandarin Duck. Note reduced eyering (Compared to female Woodie), long eyeline continuing towards the nape, white base to bill, and cream-colored feathering with darker fringes on flanks, giving it a scaly appearance. As for the Dove, it appears to be Melanistic, which is when an animal has an abnormally excessive amount of dark pigment in the plumage.
  5. To finish my post; This bird looks fine for an American Tree Sparrow. Note pale lateral crown stripes and submalar, clear dark breast spot, brownish streaking on sides and back, and ruddy crown. Btw, we got the Swan!
  6. This bird looks fine for an American Tree Sparrow. Note pale lateral crown stripes and submalar...just got word of a swan in my area...finish this post later!
  7. Looks like a domestic goose sp. x Canada Goose hybrid, but should be left as domestic goose sp. on eBird
  8. Looking at it now, thinking probably Leucistic Greater White-fronted Goose.
  9. Looks like a Leucistic Greater White-fronted Goose or a GWFG hybrid with Snow or Ross's. I wouldn't call it from this pic.
  10. There is a Cassin's Sparrow 20 mins away from me but I can't chase it until Saturday 😭😰
  11. Looks ok for Great, but not 100% sure off of these pics.
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