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  1. Thanks! The mantle is really that light in color, it wasn't the light.
  2. hmm...either the tiniest Anna's ever, or maybe calliope...
  3. Is this light enough to be thayer's, or just another western? At Rancho Guadalupe Beach, Guadalupe, CA on 9/8/19. thanks!
  4. Seen at Rancho Guadalupe Beach, Guadalupe, CA on 9/8/19.
  5. Amid other grebes. 2 individuals. Seen in lompoc, CA on 9/15/19.
  6. With snowy plover. Seen in lompoc, CA on 9/15/19.
  7. 4. I don't think this is an Anna's hummingbird. this hummer is pretty small. I'm not an expert with hummers in general either, but my experiences with Anna's hummer lead me to believe that this might be a black-chinned. maybe someone with more expertise will lend some help. or maybe I'm just misjudging the size proportions... agree with everything else.
  8. nice shot! agreed. I used to hand feed these guys in Oregon. such cool birds!
  9. Hi guys! Is this a female/immature mcgillivray's warbler? Seen at the Monarch Butterfly Grove, in pismo beach, CA a few days ago.
  10. Hey guys! This bird was seen yesterday in the pismo creek mouth, at pismo beach, CA. I saw this bird a little while ago and it was nice to see it again. This is the first time I could photograph this bird. It matches the typical female mallard except for the fact that it is entirely chestnut brown. I've only seen her with the other drake mallard in the pics. Could this be a melanistic duck or a hybrid? Seen with other mallards, gadwall, and brown pelicans. Any help is appreciated!
  11. 1. not sure, maybe male northern goshawk 2. not sure, maybe fem. northern goshawk 3,4. agree with RCKI 5. maybe, but I think its a song sparrow 6,7. yes 8,9. not house finch, i think female/immature lazuli bunting
  12. welcome to whatbird! With that lack of evident black tail band, this is a red-tailed hawk.
  13. this is a palm warbler. these links will help differentiate the two in the future; https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-eyed_Vireo/id https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Palm_Warbler/id
  14. looks better for non-breeding pacific golden-plover based on golden spotted back and more heavily marked crown.
  15. Not to disagree with IDs, but why can't this be a golden-plover?
  16. yup, slate-colored subspecies. welcome to whatbird!
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