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  1. 1. Horned 2. Eared 3-4. Eared (left) and Horned (Right) 5-6. Eared
  2. Pics 6 and 7 are Red-tailed Hawks, but otherwise all Ferruginous.
  3. Even still, and that would make it look even smaller.
  4. Orchard! Look how little it is compared to the HOSP in the last pic!
  5. Yeah, even if it is refound, it probably won't be accepted due to questionable origin.
  6. Very Skeptical. Appears to be ship-assisted or an escapee given location and the fact that it doesn't seem to be an invasion year for this species...at least not yet anyway...
  7. They look like some domestic form of Canary or Serin.
  8. Why not Lesser? I see a peaked head... Probably wouldn't call it 100% either way on this one shot.
  9. Kinda sounds like a squirrel to me. Maybe a longer recording would help?
  10. It's a Dowitcher. The yellowlegs is Greater.
  11. Please do not intentionally flush birds, they're under enough pressure in today's world as it is. Leaving it as a slash is perfectly acceptable.
  12. All Long-billed Curlew. Head pattern is too weak for whimbrel, etc. Bill length in Curlews varies with age and sex.
  13. Agree with all Black-bellied. BTW, it's spelled Pluvialis.
  14. Alright, sounds like I'm wrong and its a Baird's then ?.
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