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  1. I'm pretty sure that the cormorant is a Double-crested x Neotropic Cormorant (Hybrid). Note that the gape angle is noticeably more pointed than rounded (Neotropic), but there is yellow above the eye (Double-crested). The yellow above the eye is also rather faint, which favors a hybrid. Also the tail looks longer to me. These hybrids do occur and they are probably overlooked as DCCOs most of the time. Cool Bird!
  2. It has to be Solitary. Yellowlegs never have that strong of an eyering. ever. Leg color of Solitary Sandpiper is variable. Also, a diagnostic feature that I think is forgotten too often is that the base of the upper mandible is green. SOSAs can, on occasion, have an all dark bill, but Green base to upper mandible = Solitary Sandpiper.
  3. Come to San Luis Obispo County There is like 4 or five of them around right now
  4. This Also, this almost looks like a younger bird almost molted into adult plumage, which might explain the reminiscent wingbars. Its a junco
  5. No. Maybe this was too hard... Here's a hint; its a pelagic species.
  6. I hate to bring up an old topic, but I thought that I would share that I sent this bird off to Kevin Zimmer, and he said he thought it was probably a Least, although the angle of the picture was less than optimal.
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