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  1. Nice catch. 3 is indeed a Least, and now I'm not sure on the first bird...
  2. Overall thick-based wings, wedge-shaped tail (Often folded, as in this bird), and especially small size compared to nearby Black SP. For future reference, flight style and molt sequence (although the latter is not as important in North American species) is a good way to identify Storm-Petrels. Here is an article I've found helpful: http://www.oregonpelagictours.com/2015/11/west-coast-storm-petrel-flight-style.html
  3. Looks okay for Least based off of the 2nd pic.
  4. Dark cap extending around nape, somewhat of a murky dark-and-reddish bill in this plumage, and dark primaries. I am not sure, it looks like the bottommost bird could Common, but I would expect to see darker primaries on that bird. The top bird could be Common as well, but I wouldn't call it without seeing shots of the head. I wouldn't call the remaining two from that shot.
  5. I believe both birds in the last two pics are Common, and the two rightmost of the three closest terns in the first pic also look like common.
  6. Great horned owls are sexually dimorphic, with females being 10-20% larger than males. The male also has a larger voice box and a deeper voice. In terms of plumage, there is no reliable ways to differentiate between sex.
  7. Overall too brown above for Semi, or Western, for that matter.
  8. No, GWFG would be much smaller, with a smaller bill with a smaller white base, with a smaller butt.
  9. Black-headed. The streaking looks within range for BHGR to me, and the bill has a dark upper mandible.
  10. WOWZA! This looks great for at the very least a Glaucous-winged x Western Gull (hybrid), if not a pure Glaucous-winged! Please consider reporting this ASAP!
  11. The decoys look more like Black Swans than geese.
  12. Unidentifiable imo, but with that long tail there aren't many options.
  13. Pac-slope. Some juvs can be paler below.
  14. 10 lifers seen on recent pelagic; Pomarine Jaeger Long-tailed Jaeger Cassin's Auklet Black Albatross Ashy Storm-Petrel Black Storm-Petrel Pink-footed Shearwater Buller's Shearwater Short-tailed Shearwater NAZCA BOOBY
  15. Boat launched from Morro Bay. We got some really nice birds, including all 3 Jaegers, 5 species of shearwater (including a Short-tailed Shearwater), and best of all, a subadult NAZCA BOOBY! eBird trip report: https://ebird.org/tripreport/76109/105312
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