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  1. The front bird has a very wide prominent white eyebrow and has long pp. This bird does have a pale bill base. WRSAs can be rather buffy, and look rather scaly when fresh. I could definitely be wrong, but in my opinion, the front bird is White-rumped and back bird is Baird's.
  2. Why isn't the back bird Baird's? I agree with WRSA for the front bird.
  3. Lewis's Woodpeckers are somewhat similar in size to crows, and even have a similar flight pattern.
  4. Willow Warbler is a rare (but probably regular, at least to some degree) reverse fall migrant to the offshore islands of western AK. I should also mention that there is a previous record of what was thought to possibly have been a WIWA from Santa Cruz a few years back. Two separate phylloscopus warblers in CA in one week is indeed insane! Wood Warbler is the better bird, however, so if you can only chase one, go for Woody!
  5. Was this around Point Pinos? I think there was one there reported recently...Otherwise, please consider reporting this to eBird, as I'm sure others might like to see it as well. https://ebird.org/home
  6. WOOD WARBLER, Swinhoe's White-eye, and Pin-tailed Whydah. I'm sure @BrdNrdwill add pics.
  7. Both Blue-winged. Note Strong white eyering and pale feathers at bill base.
  8. We were lucky enough to get down there today and saw it. If it sticks around and acts like it did today then it should be fairly easy, as long as there are plenty of people looking for it. It likes the five small trees on the other side of the street (California blvd I think) of the western parking lot. It basically flies and forages between those trees and the tall trees at the edge of the cemetery. It tends to be very active, flying and foraging quickly, but it will then just stop and sits there for a bit, and then abruptly start quickly foraging again. There is also supposedly a Clay-colored Sparrow and a Palm Warbler in the area, FYI. Good luck!
  9. Overall very green with largish bill, and what @AlexHenry mentioned above.
  10. There's a Western/Semipalmated Sandpiper in pic 3. Wouldn't call it from that pic alone, though.
  11. The Sandpiper is a juvenile White-rumped Sandpiper undergoing it's 1st prebasic molt.
  12. It's a Song Sparrow, looks to a montana/merrilli thingy.
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