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  1. Seen at Ocean Beach County Park, Lompoc, CA. On 9/15/19, 10:24 AM. One was seen in the area recently. Seen with another birder who said it was a Lucy's Warbler.
  2. This is a toughie, but I think you're right.
  3. I would agree with your IDs, these are pretty late birds. Hummingbirds can stretch their necks and do it often so I don't think that's a reliable field mark.
  4. Agree, Warblers can and will eat seed in fall and winter. It mentions this in an this article: http://www.birdsforever.com/warbler.html
  5. This is a female/immature Wilson's warbler. Olive cheek and shorter bill eliminates hooded warbler, overall olive coloring and lack of longer, usually all dark bill eliminates yellow warbler.
  6. I THINK they are all female cinnamon teal. Your other option would be female Green-winged teal, but I think the bill is to small.
  7. 1. not sure, but definitely a crow 2. short-billed dowitcher and something, I don't think it's a yellowlegs. 3. Dowitchers and yellowlegs, not sure greater or lesser. Rest: glossy ibis, lesser Yellowlegs and Greater Yellowlegs (4.-7. may not have Lesser.)
  8. I think least is correct, agree with everything else.
  9. Pretty sure they are cliff swallows, but any more pics showing the rump may help give a more positive answer.
  10. All were seen off the pier at Avila Beach, Avila Beach, CA. 8/31/19. Anything of note (Petrels, Boobies, Shearwaters, Mew gull, fulmars, etc...?
  11. Seen at Johnson Ranch Open Space, just outside of San Luis Obispo, CA. 8/12/19. 3:54 pm.
  12. can't help on the first two, but I would say Plumbeous vireo on third.
  13. I would say all are long-billed dowitchers.
  14. 1. maybe Guillemot? 2. Pacific Loon? 3. Guillemot 4. Loons...Pacific or common? 5. Murrelet?
  15. I would agree with Willow Ptarmigan.
  16. that would be a pretty abnormal heermann's gull! I think you might be correct with Iceland gull.
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