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  1. Saw 2 leucistic Dark-Eyed Juncos 25 mins ago! (seen DEJU before but not leucistic!)
  2. confirm leucistic Eurasian-Collared Dove.
  3. thinking that this is a GCSP x WCSP confirmation would be helpful. seen 5/25/19 at Dune Trail in Oceano Dunes Natural Preserve, Grover Beach, CA, at beginning of trail.
  4. one of the condor's number is 470 ''Fugo"
  5. 5 day 4 night Trip to Big Sur yielded 4 lifers! black swift, 2 CALIFORNIA CONDORS, rufous-crowned sparrows, and pacific wren.
  6. 1. mountain chickadee 2. black-capped chickadee 3. mountain chickadee
  7. 1. Flycatcher sp. 2. Flycatcher sp. 3. Tree or Violet-green Swallow 4. Flycatcher sp. 5. Wren sp. 6. Bird sp.
  8. Seen at different places in and around Big Sur SP, Monterrey County, CA. July 11th to 15th, 2019 1. ? 2. Savannah sparrow? 3., 5. Empid sp. (this guy was warbler size!) 6. what sex or age are these RCSP? 4. (small bird next to pelican in middle) Auklet? 7. Clark's or Western Grebe? 9., 8., 9. What canada or cackling goose ssp.? 10. Anna's? 11. Song Sparrow?
  9. Bird-Boys


    The only thing I can think of is Least Flycatcher.
  10. Actually, I believe this is the "Chirp" of a California (Also known as Beechey) Ground Squirrel. They Chirp like this to establish/protect territory. I hear them do this all the time around my house in central California, as they've become so abundant that it's become a problem! 😊
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