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  1. is it possible to separate Forster's from common tern here? In Morro Bay, CA. on 8/11/19.
  2. the lighting is making the "Ring" more difficult to see, but if you look closely, there is a faint ring, most present in pic 3.
  3. Seen at the beach next to the Audubon overlook in Morro Bay, CA. I'm thinking Western in with the Semipalmated Plover, and that there's gotta be least in there somewhere.
  4. agree with adult male Oregon subspecies DEJU.
  5. 1.-2. First impression oriole, but, yeah, probably WETA. 4. bill too thin for goldfinch, maybe warbler? 5. definitely not goldfinch, has subtle eye ring, maybe vireo?
  6. I think they are the same gull, just that the first one is in the sun, while the other two are in the shade. Ring-Billed Gull would be my guess, but the dark legs and black spot on neck are throwing me off. if not that, than this may be a rare gull.
  7. Observed in Turri rd tidal ponds, Morro Bay, Ca. 8/1/19 Seen with GRYE.
  8. At Morro Bay Estuary, Morro Bay, Ca. 8/8/19 Observed doing typical lunging with wings open. Squabbled with other Egrets at times.
  9. I think Black-Chinned Hummingbird, but wait for other opinions.
  10. House wren - Pacific wren is darker and chunkier.
  11. This bird is a Bewick's Wren. (they are quite opportunistic nesters!) Besides Bewick's, house and Pacific wrens are the only two other similar wrens in your area. house wrens have a pale, almost invisible eyebrow stripe, while pacific wrens are identifiable by their plump, almost chicken-like body. (Bewick's has a bold eyebrow stripe.) Marsh Wrens are also in your area and are identified by their heavy barring on wings and rattle like call. 1. house wren 2. pacific wren 3. bewick's wren 4. marsh wren
  12. either song thrush or mistle thrush, but would lean towards song thrush based on overall brownish color.
  13. 1. Juv. red-tailed Hawk 2. I think Abert's towhee based on range and pale bill.
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