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  1. And the angle of the gape and size. Agree with Double-crested.
  2. The bird is looking away from the camera, which makes it difficult to ascertain crest shape and color. Also, juveniles of both species don't have any black on the crest. I personally wouldn't call it from this angle.
  3. Not sure how we're eliminating Black-crested Titmouse or a hybrid in the first pic...
  4. For those of you Western Birders out there who haven't heard, an apparent SMALL-BILLED ELAENIA was seen on the Farallones, off San Francisco, CA on Sep. 4th. Probably worth keeping an eye out for it on the surrounding mainland. ABSURD. https://ebird.org/checklist/S118121894
  5. Also, please consider reporting this to eBird, as I'm sure others would like to see it as well; https://ebird.org/home
  6. The ibis is indeed best left as a slash I see SESA, LESA, Killdeer, and SEPL for the others.
  7. Masked/Nazca Booby, not identifiable from these pics. Awesome bird! Please consider reporting this on ebird: https://ebird.org/home
  8. Both Black-headed. Juv and Adult. Note long thin bicolored bill and rear eyering. Also very brown above and big-headed.
  9. Yep! Neotropic. Some young Neotropic lack the white gular border.
  10. Double-crested Cormorant (left), Probably Neotropic Cormorant (Right). Any other pics of the face on the second bird?
  11. Any other pics of the thrush? Not identifiable with certainty from this pic.
  12. 1. Swainson's (?) Thrush 2. Canada Warbler
  13. Actually, I suppose that a worn or young Pine could have duller wingbars, approaching Prairie, but I think that they would look paler than on this bird, plus the gray auriculars contrasting with the hood essentially eliminate Pine.
  14. Greater. As far as I know, Lesser don't breed in the immediate Anchorage area.
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