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  1. I saw three of these birds in my yard today near Boise, Idaho. I believe they are Cassin's Finches. Looking for some second opinions. Let me know! Thanks!!!
  2. Stupid question... what does "diagnostic" mean?
  3. Just wanting to double check on this guy... JUST saw it in my backyard (near Boise, Idaho). Thanks for your input!
  4. I saw this little Downy in my backyard today with white wings... is this bird partially leucistic? Let me know what you think!
  5. Thanks! I'm happy I was able to get a quick picture and grateful for this forum! Or else it would've just been an unidentified grey bird... Haha.
  6. I don't know ANYTHING about these birds! Are they rare or not common in yards?
  7. I saw a bird in the yard today that I have never seen... and was able to get a few photos through the window. Can anyone help me ID this bird? It was mostly grey with white around it's eyes and looked to be smaller than a robin. Located near Boise, Idaho today (Dec 18,2021). Thanks for your help!
  8. I need a little help IDing these birds I saw a few months ago on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Let me know if you can help. THANKS!
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the ID and the explanation.
  10. My friend saw this hawk in California today... any ideas what it is? Thanks!
  11. Oooh! Okay cool. I was thinking Western Kingbird but Say's Phoebe looks right. Thank you!
  12. Hello! Can anyone help me ID this bird. Just photographed today near Boise, Idaho. Thanks!!!
  13. I saw a few birds near Boise, Idaho that I need some help IDing. There are five photos but only three birds (photo 2 & 3 are the same bird and 4 & 5 are the same bird). Please let me know if you can help ID them! THANK YOU!
  14. Wanted to give an update on this white robin. It was hanging around for one day and we haven't seen it since! So happy I was home and able to snap a few photos before it took off for good.
  15. Awesome! That was my guess but I wanted to double check here before adding to my yard list. I've seen them a few times before but never at my house.
  16. Heard a strange sound this morning while doing yard work, looked up and saw a group of over 30 large birds flying over my house making loud noises. I was able to snap a photo... it's not great but it shows the silhouette. Can you help me ID these?! Seen today near Boise, Idaho.
  17. That's amazing! I'd love to see a white red-tailed hawk! Thanks for sharing.
  18. That's awesome! I hope this one sticks around long enough to have the same effect. Thanks for sharing you story.
  19. I had an albino robin in my yard today! It showed up several times and I was able to snap a few photos. My question is this... are these birds rare? I've never seen one before and was very excited to have one in my own yard! Seen today located near Boise, Idaho.
  20. Hello! I saw this little guy in Northern Idaho (near Couer d'Alene) two days ago... I was hoping to get some help IDing this one. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!
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