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  1. I surely will try. It was standing on my son’s grave and stayed for 3-4 minutes, just looking at me and taking a few steps at a time. When I lost eye contact to pick up my phone for a pic, I looked up and it was gone! It was an amazing moment!
  2. That’s it!! The leucistic Kildeer!! Thanks to The Bird Nuts!!!
  3. Was sunny 2pm. Beak was short, not sure of color. No other markings except pronounced black bands that went all the way around the neck.
  4. I saw a white bird with 2 black bands around the neck standing in a cemetery in South Carolina, bobbing head and making up and down movements as if preening. Looked like shore bird body type, smaller than a robin. Can anyone help?
  5. yes. Completely white. I have never seen a bird like this one. Not a killdeer. Sorry for incorrect post
  6. I saw a white or light gray bird with 2 black bands around the neck standing in the cemetery, bobbing the head and puffing chest in a preening motion. Looked like a shore bird type body. Was in South Carolina.
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