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  1. I think you could be right... Everything about this bird screams "towhee" except the color...
  2. No... Way to big for a junco... I am thinking it might be a juvenile spotted towhee. But, most that I have seen have more color than this guy...
  3. The past two days I have witnessed a bird feeding in a brushy area on our property. It is the size of a spotted towhee, and behaves like a spotted towhee. However it is dark-gray-brownish over the entirety of its plumage except for a brownish tinge at the top of its wings, and the lower part of the belly is white or cream colored/ The breast has a few light speckles in it. Tail is long. It hops when moving from seed to seed (I scatter millet), but when startled, it scurries quickly away (seems a little quicker than a spotted towhee.). The location of this siting is at 700 feet, in the western slope of the Cascade foothills in Oregon (middle of state about 30 miles east of Corvallis). Sorry, I have no picture, because it scurries away if I go outside. I observed it with binoculars from inside my home. Any help is appreciated...
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