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  1. The chatter part took my thoughts to the last half of a Towhee's song but I don't think it's quite right.
  2. I think we need @Tony Leukering back to give us another clue in this mystery πŸ™„
  3. Well where I live one is nearly as rare as the other
  4. I just want to see what a bionic chicken looks like πŸ€” I'm sure that would be a lifer for most of us
  5. Clears up the phantom cap anyway
  6. Sweet! I've seen a number of cooper/sharpies but this is a first I was sure enough about to call it a lifer.
  7. This fella made me come to a stop right in the middle of the road today! He was desperately trying to catch a VGSW/TRSW on the wing and the swallow was twice as desperately trying every acrobatic trick he knew to save his skin. They wheeled around and around for quite some time like a couple of planes in a dog fight. There were a couple of really close shaves but I think the hawk must have finally used up his available spurt of energy and gave up the chase. By the time I got turned around and got off on the shoulder he had perched himself there to wait for easier prey. Leaning cooper's based on 'cap' and eye so far forward.
  8. Did the same as the rest of you but caught my own mistake. He just needed one of these πŸ‘‡ in his post.
  9. Steller's Jay seems reasonable to me - got the Road Runner posture and they can be pretty bright when in a fresh set of feathers.
  10. Another Tony word I had to Google Learn something new on here just about every night.
  11. Definitely made by something other than that pipsqueak's voice box - especially inches from my ear
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