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  1. Just saw this - an excellent price for a good pair of entry level glass. They are what I use on a daily basis.
  2. I should have read the poster's name and known not to open it - remind me when April rolls around 😜
  3. Maybe @The Bird Nuts just needs to make a very minor edit and change it to a blue bird
  4. Or just check the 'rather not say' box like me and just snoop
  5. A day late and a dollar short but I finally got the bushtits at work 🙃
  6. I'll say yes to #3 and I think so to #1
  7. I'd vote for #3 and maybe a cropped version of #2
  8. He seems to know you think that too - show off! 🙃
  9. I discovered my problem is that with the new time change I leave in the dark and come home in the dark ... and my seed mix doesn't attract nighthawks or owls 🤔
  10. You don't have much choice - it's an acceptable practice to guestimate when necessary.
  11. Such a fun little ball of feathers - and their nests are so cool. Don't sit still for the camera though! And are nearly impossible to get an accurate count - especially when a flock is working over an evergreen.
  12. Nice find. And welcome to the forum - you will find a ton of willing bumpkins mostly here to learn and have fun (including yours truly) 😆 - and a few true experts
  13. Barely missed about 20 bushtit on a single suet block - one solid ball of feathers. Might try again tonight
  14. Sorry, that would be getting far too close to a chance encounter with you - it was PDX
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