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  1. Been awhile since I've seen one and this would be a yard first at this house.
  2. Not bothering to report it but was just curious.
  3. Or what was left of him πŸ˜” 'Due to Corona Virus restrictions in Washington I was the only one allowed to be at the funeral'
  4. Well I'm no expert but recently asked on here about one I saw that was the same and learned it was a spotted sandpiper. Now to sit back and see if either I get corrected or I learned that lesson well enough to pass with a C minus πŸ™„
  5. Well all of the above sp. are new to me so here I learned something new πŸ‘
  6. I'd venture to call that a Hutton's - think they should be in range for your area.
  7. In conjunction with an over abundance of methane of course πŸ™ƒ
  8. Finally stumped Tony Guess you need to brush up on your TOYS-R-US breeds. (Oh, guess they're an extinct species by now too)
  9. Agreed with the first 2. Can't speak to the gannets. As to the osprey being a decoy I doubt that any decoy would have the feathery detail that has - most noticeable under the tail. Congrats on a rare sighting.
  10. Oregon Coast - bird flying like an arrow inches above the water just like the DCCO I usually see. All black except for a white patch near the rump. I'm thinking Pelagic, any other coastal birds I should rule out?
  11. Colombia River - SW Washington. Assume these are all cackling except for the two canada in the one photo for size comparison. (And the crow - also for size comparison ) Any particular ssp? There was also one bird with another group of canada I wish I had taken a picture of - seemed to be about 25% bigger and stood 6" higher/longer neck than any of the others. He was the acting sentry on duty so likely was streached out a bit but ondering now if it was a maximus.
  12. Didn't realize that they merely wore out that almost pretty, speckled, iridescent suit they wore on spevial occasions ☺️
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