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  1. That sound is unmistakable - at least where I live. Congrats!
  2. My point exactly! 🙄 We do get chestnuts and rarely a mountain will show up but I'm pretty certain whatever I heard wasn't one of the chickadee family. I hear them far too often to have it get my attention as an oddity like that call did.
  3. Anybody on here seen the Siberian Accentor hanging around Woodland, WA? There have been a steady stream of birders from all over the NW showing up to see it. Been by briefly twice myself but it wasn't out at the moment either time and I didn't have time to stick around and wait. 😔
  4. What about the back of the tree? 🤔 Could be double that number! Nuts either way.
  5. I think it sounds like a Carolina 🙄 Maybe I'll report it and see if I can convince the reviewer 🤔 @Charlie Spencer You guys will back me up on this right? 😆 If that fails I guess it gets left a mystery.
  6. Our wives must be related 😊 Loves the outdoors but at a speed-walk pace! I on the other hand can sit on the same log all afternoon or wander aimlessly all day and be perfectly happy.
  7. Well ... at least she claims I become deaf the moment my binoculars come out 🤔
  8. Don't think that's quite right but definitely a good guess based on my description. The last 3 notes were somewhat more nasal - chickadee like as opposed to really clear whistles like the first 2. Unfortunately my only recording method I had handy was my phone and I rarely have much success with it since it doesn't seem to have selective hearing like I do to filter out all the background noise (wife's voice?) 😉
  9. SW WA today along a creek with large mature doug firs - heard a call I didn't recognize but couldn't spot the rascal! Called for a good 5 min from somewhere up 50' or so in the trees. Best I can describe it is a two note clear whistle about like a Lesser Goldfinch followed by 3 chee chee chee notes somewhat along the lines of a Chickadee but not quite. Any suggestions?
  10. Agreed. Looks like a pair to me - note the light eyeline on the female.
  11. As a favorite book of mine when a kid suggested ... a perfect pet for a true boy - makes tons of noise and is absolutely worthless! 😅
  12. To quote from another recent thread. ... "Of this, if it still works... https://dl.allaboutbirds.org/download_the_warbler_guide_quickfinders I have the pdf file on my computer(I should print it some day and carry it with me) and when I saw this topic the other day, I looked at it... sort of asked myself if I could tell it wasn't a blue-winged from this picture... looked at the guide and that black pattern on the tail was good for prothonotary... I'm a LONG way from being able to just look and ID from the underside for a lot of those warblers but having guides sure can help. " I just downloaded it and tried my hand at using it to id your pics without looking to see what others were answering - quickly got me narrowed down to 3 options without having ever seen any of the options in the field.
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