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  1. If this is somehow against the rules @Aveschapines can ban me for life 🙃 But I figure when a company stands behind it's products to this extent it has earned a kudos. Sent in these (which got used 365 days a year up until ...😣) on a Saturday and I had a brand new pair sitting on my doorstep 9 days later including both weekends.
  2. BEWARE! To all pole climbing , bird seed thieving, squirrels 😠 Don't worry, I turned it down low enough I can touch it so it shouldn't curl his tail too much.
  3. Just wait - once you are no longer allowed to post on this thread (like me) then school is out for good! Problem is life begins ... and all that free time you thought you'd have goes with it. 😣
  4. A pair of HOSP took turns for 15-20 min desperately trying to cram through the intentionally too small (for them) hole in one of my chickadee boxes. What should I use for a ' hunting nesting site' situation?
  5. After looking it up and watching a couple videos of them in flight I believe VASW is it. They have been seen at every one of the hotspots around this lake within the past week also. Thanks for the lifer 🙂
  6. Wingspan? Guess I should clarify dimensions - wingspan was close to the same but I would wild guess that body length was 25% less and overall body 'heft' about 2/3. And I could still be full of fluff on that.
  7. Vancouver Lake, WA. A handful of Swallows overhead that were new to me. About 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the tree swallows that were also out. Appeared to be a fairly uniform brown but that was looking up at a bright sky. Comparatively long, narrow, pointed wings and almost no tail with no apparent notch. Very fast wing beats that reminded me of the speed of some ducks in flight. Any pointers?
  8. So says my local utility newsletter
  9. I hear them do this quite often and it still fools me once in a while 😣
  10. Don't think that sounds quite as close as the owl but certainly a good guess as it's definitely a similar note. Either one would be a lifer and I'm definitely not going to hang it on this.
  11. OK, I know I'm going to drive you all crazy with the lack of information but here goes ... Last week in Western WA near Centralia. Mid day. Was out for a quick stretch your legs walk during a road trip and heard the strangest single note call repeated every 5-15 seconds over a span of 10 - 15 minutes - the closest thing to it that I could remember hearing was the Hoopoe from an old Bird Note episode 🤔 Tried to get a recording but failed due to 1 and 2 year old helpers and a big German Shepherd at the neighbors who was none too friendly. My closest guess was an owl of some sort so later
  12. I knew a lady who had a pet raven for decades and it said a number of words - most of them not repeatable on a forum like this
  13. I think that is technically know as a Texas Longhorn subspecies.
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