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  1. What ssp? I'm not used to seeing them without a belly band
  2. Today in Vancouver WA. Red-tailed ssp that I'm not used to seeing? Otherwise it's a yard first and likely a lifer too.
  3. Try stepping on a mine and it will be used about you
  4. What I want to know is who's the self depreciating person who writes the alternative meaning of FOS about a sighting in their checklist?😄
  5. Yes, I had recently gotten my lifer Nashville with some really good opportunities for study and I immediately noticed that in this case the complete eye ring was absent.
  6. Last week, brushy lakeshore habitat outside of Camas WA. Got a classic brief look at two warblers except since I was on the hill I was looking down on them. Grey head, olive/yellow back, bright yellow below fading towards throat. Biggest thing that caught my eye were bold white eye archs above and below eye. Anything it could be besides McGillivray's? It would be a lifer.
  7. But since they all used the PM option none of us get the benefit of learning how to tune out wife/mom
  8. When said in reference to snakes that statement is a bit beyond my personal comfort zone 🤣
  9. Back from Hawaii only actually went 'birding' a couple of times for short amounts of time but kept my eyes open any time we were out for a walk and my wife even tolerated a couple of screeching halts and u-turns when I passed something I knew was new along the road. Visited both the big island and Maui and pretty well drove the complete perimeter of both. If I counted correctly I saw 27 sp plus at least one more unique one that I couldn't narrow down but would have been a lifer either way - 21 of those were lifers. Not bad for a non-birding trip.
  10. Not like it's common anywhere close to the Eastern edge of Russia or Asia either.
  11. Can you heal my broken arm vicariously too?
  12. I was leaning Gray-tailed because of those eyebrows but I've never seen either. Will have to wait until I'm back with a computer for the good photos
  13. Spoken like a true homeschooler 🤭😆
  14. As in 'simply' - it wasn't rare or lifer or something I didn't know - except that I didn't know.
  15. Awesome. I have done the trip from Leticia traveling by boat to Iquitos, from there a flight to Pucalpa, and then overland to Lima. Besides a second visit just to Leticia and surroundings and one just to the mountains around Huanuco and over to Lima.
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