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  1. A few minutes ago, I saw 3 identical birds in my backyard that I've never seen before (I'm 85 y/o).They were eating from an old tree that has been dead for many years and since it cannot be removed because of the location, it is full of bugs. The 3 birds were identical (approx. 12" tall, with black shiny feathers and a very small bright red pigeon-like head). The body shape was also similar to a pigeon, only slimmer. They were eating from an old tree that fell many years ago. It cannot be removed because of the location so it is full of bugs, which the birds were eating. I live on a very isolated farm surrounded completely by woods and see all kinds of birds every day, but nothing like these. I would like to find out what kind of birds they were or where I can find out. The Internet has been no help at all, except for your site. Thank you,
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