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  1. Thanks I knew it wasn't an adult.
  2. I'm thinking this is a Bullock's Oriole. Is it a juvenile? Cave Junction Oregon
  3. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this is a Pine Siskin. Any thoughts?
  4. Grants Pass Or Is this a house finch or Female Purple Finch? The streaking on the breast makes me think it's one of the finches and not sparrow
  5. Grants Pass Or. I haven't had Juncos in my yard in months. This guy showed up and I had to do research. Has junco movements and some markings. The head isn't all dark and chest has streaks. Has white tail feathers I have come to the conclusion it is a Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco and he hasn't filled out regular feathers yet. Any thoughts appreciated
  6. Grants Pass Or. I think this is a House Wren. Shes trying to set up a nest in the box. A House Sparrow keeps diving at her. Why would he do that? The House Sparrow has a nest and is working on a second set of eggs.
  7. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this could be a female Red -winged or a young song sparrow The third picture is poor but don't know what it is. Wouldn't hold still. thanks
  8. Grants Pass Or. Not sure because I didn't see an eye ring. I was thinking Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  9. Grants Pass Or. Can't figure this out. I think it's about the size of a sparrow.
  10. Grants Pass Or I think this is an Oak Titmouse. He looks a little messy. Not sure if it's from the rain or is he a young bird.
  11. Thank you. That's what I thought
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