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  1. I'm thinking more Orange-crowned. Poor photo sorry Grants Pass Or
  2. I Think I can finally figure out the Goldfinches Grants Pass Or. 1. American Goldfinch ? 2. Two American and one lesser
  3. Is this a standard Rufous hummingbird? I've never seen those markings on the throat grants pass or
  4. That was my second guess. Thanks
  5. Is this a Coopers Hawks Or ? Hope someone knows from these photos Grants Pass, Or.
  6. Only have back photos but I'm thinking Red-shouldered rather than Red-tailed Grants Pass Or
  7. Could this be an American Pipit? Not the best photo but that is my best guess. Grants Pass Or Thanks
  8. Grants Pass Or Are all of these Red Shoulder Thanks for any assistance Second
  9. Is this a dark Red-tailed Hawk? Grants Pass Or
  10. Saw this in Grants Pass Or. Poor photo but i'm thinking this is a Scaup because the light color on the back
  11. thanks Not sure what I did but too many photos showed up
  12. Still working on the little finches. Grants Pass Or 1. American Goldfinch ? 2. Lesser Goldfinch
  13. Thanks, I think your right. I think for a minute I saw the band around the middle
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