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  1. Thanks, I looked at the photos I have of Green Herons and the same coloring on the eyes
  2. Grants Pass Or. My first thought was Bittern then when I checked the picture I think it's a Green Heron
  3. Looked it up. I think you're right. I have a hard time with sparrows and little yellow birds Thank You
  4. Grants Pass, Or Pretty sure this is an Orange-crowned Warbler
  5. So now I'm confused. I'm fairly new so I don't know what all this is your saying. I don't know what the letters and abbreviations mean. Sorry So it's a male house finch?
  6. Grants Pass Oregon When watching this little guy in the bushes I was thinking Orange-crowned Warbler. This really bad photo show white tip on the tail or wings. Now I'm not sure what I saw. Any help appreciated. Poor photo sorry
  7. Grants Pass Oregon Can't tell which it is. It may be a young one. I can't see the body to see the stripes. Thanks
  8. This is in Selma Oregon. Again not the best photos. Any Tern is not common here but another birder and I nerrowed it down to Caspian
  9. Have a few from Selma Oregon Not the best photos sorry 1. Killdeer 2. Lesser Yellowleg 3. Yellowleg or Short-billed Dowitcher?
  10. Grants Pass Or. Is this a Red-breasted Sapsucker? It looked pretty beat up. I was thinking a young one.
  11. Grants Pass Oregon Still have a hard time with these. I'm thinking cooper's because of the dome head but not sure. This guy swooped down and took one of my Black-headed Grosebeaks then came back later. No birds at the feeder so he left.
  12. Grants Pass or I'm thinking Crow but the beak seems big.
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