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  1. Can someone confirm this is a Hermit Thrush Grants pass Or Thank you
  2. I'm not climbing any tree. I'm 70 years old. I might make it up but coming down would be a problem. I'm pretty much going with Coopers. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank you for confirming that for me
  4. Sorry not the best photo. I'm Thinking Coopers Hawk but not sure. Could it be a sharpie? Grants Pass Or
  5. Not sure on these. I think the first one is a Merlin I think the second is a Red-tailed or Red Shoulder. Photo from the back only Grants Pass Or. 1. 2.
  6. Here's my best shot. I was frozen so he must have been cold too.
  7. Robinhood I like that. Sometimes when I'm chasing them around I feel like they are just laughing at me. Saying "You silly woman, don't you know we're faster than you"
  8. Not sure. Head and bill tell me crow but the tail makes me think raven. Any help appreciated Grants Pass Or
  9. Beautiful shot Charlie You're right. The best shot I got of one was on a Jan 1st day in Beaverton Or. Freezing cold with snow on the ground. He just sat on the tree like he was thinking about what to do.
  10. I don't like posting pictures this bad but I was stumped on this hawk. Any ideas by shape? When flying the under side was white looking Grants Pass Or
  11. Thanks And yes they are hard to photograph.
  12. Poor photos but does anyone want to go out on a limb and confirm this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet? Grants Pass or.
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