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  1. Grants Pass Or Still give me problems to ID 1. Yellow-breasted Chat? 2. Yellow Warbler ?
  2. Sneat and Tony, Thank you, always learning
  3. Avery, It's hard to tell because the sun was to the back so it was pretty shaded Thanks for your input
  4. Lake Selmac Selma, Or Is this a young Osprey? He didn't have the chest markings I'm use to seeing.
  5. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking these are juvenile Anna's They look very different than adults. Thank you
  6. Had a little time birding before it got too hot. Need help with these. Not totally sure. Grants Pass Or. 1. Ash-throated Flycatcher 2. Western Wood-Pewee 2.
  7. Thanks I knew it wasn't an adult.
  8. I'm thinking this is a Bullock's Oriole. Is it a juvenile? Cave Junction Oregon
  9. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this is a Pine Siskin. Any thoughts?
  10. Grants Pass Or Is this a house finch or Female Purple Finch? The streaking on the breast makes me think it's one of the finches and not sparrow
  11. Grants Pass Or. I haven't had Juncos in my yard in months. This guy showed up and I had to do research. Has junco movements and some markings. The head isn't all dark and chest has streaks. Has white tail feathers I have come to the conclusion it is a Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco and he hasn't filled out regular feathers yet. Any thoughts appreciated
  12. Grants Pass Or. I think this is a House Wren. Shes trying to set up a nest in the box. A House Sparrow keeps diving at her. Why would he do that? The House Sparrow has a nest and is working on a second set of eggs.
  13. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this could be a female Red -winged or a young song sparrow The third picture is poor but don't know what it is. Wouldn't hold still. thanks
  14. Grants Pass Or. Not sure because I didn't see an eye ring. I was thinking Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  15. Grants Pass Or. Can't figure this out. I think it's about the size of a sparrow.
  16. Grants Pass Or I think this is an Oak Titmouse. He looks a little messy. Not sure if it's from the rain or is he a young bird.
  17. Thank you. That's what I thought
  18. Grants Pass Or Saw this egg on the path through the trees and grass. I thought at first a Killdeer but I didn't see or hear any. It was in a little mud pile that had dirt scooped out. Does that sound right? Smaller than a golf ball. Any help appreciated. I left it there on the ground. When we came back that way still no parent.
  19. Grants Pass Or. Is this an Immature/juvenile Bald Eagle? It Flew like an eagle and was larger than the Osprey. Maybe about 3 years? Had some white on head. Not the best photo but he was really high. Thanks
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