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  1. Grants pass Or Not the best photo. Any help appreciated,
  2. Grants Pass Or I think this is a White-crowned Sparrow The white isn't as white as I think it should be
  3. Grants Pass Or Pretty sure but I haven't seen one in a while.
  4. Sorry, I thought I put the area. Grants Pass, Or. Thank you for the conversation. I'm always learning. Here's a couple more pictures. I don't know if it helps at all.
  5. I'm thinking this is a Fox sparrow Please Confirm if it's Sooty Thank You
  6. There's always a 1% chance of being wrong. 😁
  7. Grants Pass, Or I'm 99.9% this is a Sora
  8. Need to confirm for a Red Shouldered Hawk Grants Pass Or
  9. Won't let me edit my post I'm thinking the beak isn't right for a falcon
  10. Not the best pictures but thought this might be a Falcon Grants Pass Or
  11. Grants Pass or He was so high but got a couple shots. Could it be an immature? Looks like maybe getting white coloring
  12. Grants Pass Or. Not the best picture but can you tell if this is Ruby-crowned Kinglet or a Hutton's? I have the hardest time Thank You all
  13. Grants Pass Or Rogue River I'm thinking this is a Spotted Sandpiper Any comments?
  14. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking Cooper's but not 100%
  15. Is this a Leucism House Sparrow or maybe Junco Grants Pass Or
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