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  1. Thanks, I think your right. I think for a minute I saw the band around the middle
  2. Can anyone tell what hawk this is by just the head? It looked like a red shoulder when it flew into the tree. all I could get was a head shot? Grants Pass Or. Thanks
  3. I think this is a Young Bald Eagle or a Golden Eagle Golden was reported a few days ago so I may be hoping too much. My photos aren't the best but I thought someone may know something about its shape. He had splotchy white all over, Out by the River in Grants Pass Or Thank you so much In a tree a long distant away
  4. Is this a Black-headed Grosbeak female? Grants Pass Or
  5. Just need conformation that this is a Yellow-rumped Warbler I believe it's a Myrtle Non breeding color. Grants Pass Or.
  6. Greater White-fronted Goose Is this a female Gadwell? Greater Scaup Grants Pass Or
  7. Looking at eBird maps it could be a Hermit Thrush any conformation?
  8. It looked a little small for a Thrush. Is this a Swainson's Thrush? Grants Pass or.
  9. Working on getting these little guys straight. Grants Pass Or Lesser? American?
  10. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Not sure not the best photos The band across the front could be a Redtailed Grants Pass Or
  11. Just had this little guy come to my feeder. Is it an Oak Titmouse? Grants Pass Or
  12. Is this a female scaup? The bill is throwing me off. Grants Pass Or
  13. I'm thinking this is a Pacific Wren. Are Pacific and Winter Wren the same? If not what's the difference. Grants Pass Or
  14. These two flew into my yard pretty much together. Of course they wouldn't pose for me. Picture quality is bad. These are the best photos I could get. Grants Pass Or
  15. I didn’t take the pictures but he said it was the same bird. Same bird but different lighting.
  16. A friend of mine gave me this picture to ID but I can’t figure it out. Grants Pass Or
  17. picture not the best but I believe this to be a Lesser Scaup Grants pass or
  18. I think this is a downy but not 100% Grants Pass Or
  19. This bird was in with a group of Golden Crown Sparrows. Could it be golden crown with the white stripe on the head? I didn't see any gold on it. Not 100% sure Grants Pass Or
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