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  1. This bird was in with a group of Golden Crown Sparrows. Could it be golden crown with the white stripe on the head? I didn't see any gold on it. Not 100% sure Grants Pass Or
  2. Can anyone tell this bird by just the tail I'm Thinking Cooper's When he took off flying he was pretty big. Grants Pass Or
  3. I’m confused. The bird had predominantly a yellow head. The little spot under the eye was there.
  4. Not a great picture but I think this is a Townsend's Warbler Black around the eye then yellow. The yellow doesn't show up in the photo. light was behind the bird Grants Pass Or
  5. thank you I knew it was smaller thats why I questioned it. I just moved to this area and trying to get use to a new crop of birds.
  6. Thank you. I was thinking Orange but not 100%.
  7. I'm thinking these are all lesser goldfinches. The one I'm not sure of is 1 & 2 Grants Pass Or 1. 3 & 4
  8. First time to my feeders. I need conformation on Downy Grants Pass, Or.
  9. Can anyone tell by a head only if this is a Lesser Goldfinch? Grants Pass Or.
  10. Never expected to see a Black Phoebe in my yard. Hope I'm right. such a thrill Grants Pass Or
  11. Hoping I got this right, Common Raven Grants Pass Or river area Thanks
  12. Again from Brookings Ca Is this a Caspian Tern. Sorry for the blur picture. He was a long way off.
  13. I was in Brookings Or and had several birds I could not figure out 1. Black-bellied Plover? 2. Semipalmated Plover? 3. ?? 4 ??? Lake Selmac Selma Or Josephine County 4. Thanks for any assistance..
  14. Are these Black Turnstones? Brookings or Thanks
  15. Was only able to get a photo from far away. I think this is some kind of Phalarope Selma Oregon Any help appreciated
  16. . I knew that was a possibility but I wasn’t real sure thanks a lot
  17. Grants Pass, Oregon Very poor photos from a distant. There were 4 flying together in groups of two. I don't know if it was a family but they stayed very close together. One photo has two with one of the other two. Hope that makes sense. Some of you are very good with bad photos. Any help appreciated
  18. Its hard for me to tell. I think this is a Black-capped Chickadee or a Chestnut? Grants Pass Or.
  19. Are these young Spotted Towhees? Grants Pass Or
  20. I found this feather in my yard. Smallest I’ve ever seen. Is it a hummingbird? I have Anna’s and Rufous at my feeders. Grants Pass Oregon
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