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  1. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking Cooper's but not 100%
  2. Is this a Leucism House Sparrow or maybe Junco Grants Pass Or
  3. Grants pass Or Not real sure. One may be redtail and I think the big one could be eagle or turkey vulture. Photos from far up. Thanks for any assistance
  4. Hoping this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Grants Pass Or.
  5. Grants Pass Or I know these are Turkey Vultures. Why so many. I saw about 3 groups of about 30 each. They seem to be heading south. Is it time for them to leave and do they usually leave in groups?
  6. Grants Pass Or Can't tell what hawk this is. Poor photo sorry. My first thought was Red shoulder but could be Red Tailed
  7. Thanks, I looked at the photos I have of Green Herons and the same coloring on the eyes
  8. Grants Pass Or. My first thought was Bittern then when I checked the picture I think it's a Green Heron
  9. Looked it up. I think you're right. I have a hard time with sparrows and little yellow birds Thank You
  10. Grants Pass, Or Pretty sure this is an Orange-crowned Warbler
  11. So now I'm confused. I'm fairly new so I don't know what all this is your saying. I don't know what the letters and abbreviations mean. Sorry So it's a male house finch?
  12. Grants Pass Oregon When watching this little guy in the bushes I was thinking Orange-crowned Warbler. This really bad photo show white tip on the tail or wings. Now I'm not sure what I saw. Any help appreciated. Poor photo sorry
  13. Grants Pass Oregon Can't tell which it is. It may be a young one. I can't see the body to see the stripes. Thanks
  14. This is in Selma Oregon. Again not the best photos. Any Tern is not common here but another birder and I nerrowed it down to Caspian
  15. Have a few from Selma Oregon Not the best photos sorry 1. Killdeer 2. Lesser Yellowleg 3. Yellowleg or Short-billed Dowitcher?
  16. Grants Pass Or. Is this a Red-breasted Sapsucker? It looked pretty beat up. I was thinking a young one.
  17. Grants Pass Oregon Still have a hard time with these. I'm thinking cooper's because of the dome head but not sure. This guy swooped down and took one of my Black-headed Grosebeaks then came back later. No birds at the feeder so he left.
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