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  1. Grants Pass or I'm thinking Crow but the beak seems big.
  2. Grants Pass Oregon Is this a Rufous or something else. It looked a little different.
  3. Thank you, I know the black phoebes when I see them but I've never seen a young one.
  4. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking juvenile Black Phoebe
  5. Just need conformation Grants Pass Or. 1. American Goldfinch? 2. House Finch
  6. Thank you both. I do see now the difference in the beaks.
  7. Selma Oregon 1. Bullocks Oriole 2. California Gull
  8. All in Selma Oregon 1. Lesser Goldfinch? 2. Also Lesser Goldfinch 3. Not sure 4. Flycatcher? 5.
  9. Yes I see that now. I think it’s a young one. We just had 4 clutches of house sparrows in the last couple months. Thank you
  10. Are these all Lesser Goldfinch? Grants Pass, Or
  11. Grants Pass Or Still give me problems to ID 1. Yellow-breasted Chat? 2. Yellow Warbler ?
  12. Grants Pass Or Are these all Lessers?
  13. Sneat and Tony, Thank you, always learning
  14. Avery, It's hard to tell because the sun was to the back so it was pretty shaded Thanks for your input
  15. Lake Selmac Selma, Or Is this a young Osprey? He didn't have the chest markings I'm use to seeing.
  16. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking these are juvenile Anna's They look very different than adults. Thank you
  17. Had a little time birding before it got too hot. Need help with these. Not totally sure. Grants Pass Or. 1. Ash-throated Flycatcher 2. Western Wood-Pewee 2.
  18. I'm thinking this is a Bullock's Oriole. Is it a juvenile? Cave Junction Oregon
  19. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this is a Pine Siskin. Any thoughts?
  20. Grants Pass Or Is this a house finch or Female Purple Finch? The streaking on the breast makes me think it's one of the finches and not sparrow
  21. Grants Pass Or. I haven't had Juncos in my yard in months. This guy showed up and I had to do research. Has junco movements and some markings. The head isn't all dark and chest has streaks. Has white tail feathers I have come to the conclusion it is a Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco and he hasn't filled out regular feathers yet. Any thoughts appreciated
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