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  1. Thank you. That's what I thought
  2. Grants Pass Or Saw this egg on the path through the trees and grass. I thought at first a Killdeer but I didn't see or hear any. It was in a little mud pile that had dirt scooped out. Does that sound right? Smaller than a golf ball. Any help appreciated. I left it there on the ground. When we came back that way still no parent.
  3. Grants Pass Or. Is this an Immature/juvenile Bald Eagle? It Flew like an eagle and was larger than the Osprey. Maybe about 3 years? Had some white on head. Not the best photo but he was really high. Thanks
  4. Grants Pass, Or. I'm thinking Western Wood-pewee. I don't see too many. Thank You
  5. Another I am not 100% on Grants pass Or.
  6. Could this be a Brown-headed Cowbird? Not a 100% Grants Pass Or
  7. Thanks all, Connor Cochrane, I understand what you're saying. I had one last year in the low bushes along the irrigation ditch. My house is right along the ditch and I get a lot of birds here. I didn't think a Pacific Wren would be on a fence but I've seen some unusual things since I've moved here. (rural Grants Pass Or.) I use to live in the city (Portland area) and would have to go out on nature walks to see a lot of the birds I have in my side yard. (my side yard is actually a little forest) I'm getting use to it.
  8. Grants Pass, Or I'm thinking Pacific Wren but not 100%
  9. Grants Pass, or I'm lost on this one Poor photo and no color I thought it was a goldfinch but the bill is too small I think Maybe a warbler? Grants Pass, or I'm lost on this one Poor photo and no color I thought it was a goldfinch but the bill is too small I think Maybe a warbler?
  10. Thank you I was use to the sapsuckers up north in the Portland area. Found out this is a southern (like you said) subspecies.
  11. Grants Pass, or. This guy flew right into my yard. Never seen one so close. I'm 99% sure of Red-breasted Sapsucker Need conformation You looking at me? Grants Pass, or.
  12. Grants Pass Or. I have seen Evening Grosbeaks but only males. Is this a female?
  13. Sorry for so many pictures. Thank you so much. This is one of my first experiences with flycatchers.
  14. Can't figure out how to delete some of the photos i doubled up on Sorry
  15. Grants Pass Or Saw several birds that I think are flycatchers and not sure. Are these all the same or different. I think the one is an Ash-throated and not sure if any are different.
  16. Any ideas. I thought it was an Acorn but the face was white but has a red mark in the lower jaw area. Not the right area for a White-headed. Any thoughts? Grants Pass Or.
  17. Thank you I don't know who names these birds but a Orange-crowned Warbler should have Orange on it. These little yellow birds are really hard sometimes.
  18. I think I'm getting this now. An Orange-crowned Warbler Grants Pass Or.
  19. Grants Pass Or Not sure on this little guy. Some kind of sparrow? Help appreciated
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