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  1. I have a pair living on my property. I usually see them sitting in the trees. I haven't seen them high in the sky soaring that's why I had a hard time with the ID. Thanks again
  2. I'm thinking Cooper's Hawk. Any help appreciated Grants Pass Or
  3. Not sure what I have. I think its a Rufous but could it be an Allens. Grants Pass, Or
  4. Are these all lesser Goldfinch? Grants Pass Or
  5. That makes sense. There were a lot of White-crowns in the area Thanks
  6. Not the best photo but any help appreciated Grants Pass, Or along Rogue River I'm kind of thinking Chipping Sparrow 4th photo is a different bird but having hard time Id on it 4th Could it be a Golden-crowned
  7. I think I am confusing myself Grants Pass Or. Is #1 a Fox sparrow and #2 a Hermit Thrush? I see the most difference in the bill #1 #2
  8. I had this Flicker show up. I don't think it's a yellow shafted because the under tail is orange. It does have a red chevron on the back of the neck. Not sure what that means. Is it "intergrated"? Not sure if that's the right word. Any help appreciated Grants Pass Or
  9. Need to get it confirmed as a Peregrine Falcon Only from the back but I think the head tells it Grants Pass along the Rogue River Thanks
  10. Are these the same bird? Yellow-rumped Warblers? Are they considered Myrtles? Grants Pass Or.
  11. Can someone confirm this is a Hermit Thrush Grants pass Or Thank you
  12. I'm not climbing any tree. I'm 70 years old. I might make it up but coming down would be a problem. I'm pretty much going with Coopers. Thanks for the help.
  13. Thank you for confirming that for me
  14. Sorry not the best photo. I'm Thinking Coopers Hawk but not sure. Could it be a sharpie? Grants Pass Or
  15. Not sure on these. I think the first one is a Merlin I think the second is a Red-tailed or Red Shoulder. Photo from the back only Grants Pass Or. 1. 2.
  16. Here's my best shot. I was frozen so he must have been cold too.
  17. Robinhood I like that. Sometimes when I'm chasing them around I feel like they are just laughing at me. Saying "You silly woman, don't you know we're faster than you"
  18. Not sure. Head and bill tell me crow but the tail makes me think raven. Any help appreciated Grants Pass Or
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