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  1. Grants Pass Or. I have seen Evening Grosbeaks but only males. Is this a female?
  2. Sorry for so many pictures. Thank you so much. This is one of my first experiences with flycatchers.
  3. Can't figure out how to delete some of the photos i doubled up on Sorry
  4. Grants Pass Or Saw several birds that I think are flycatchers and not sure. Are these all the same or different. I think the one is an Ash-throated and not sure if any are different.
  5. Any ideas. I thought it was an Acorn but the face was white but has a red mark in the lower jaw area. Not the right area for a White-headed. Any thoughts? Grants Pass Or.
  6. Thank you I don't know who names these birds but a Orange-crowned Warbler should have Orange on it. These little yellow birds are really hard sometimes.
  7. I think I'm getting this now. An Orange-crowned Warbler Grants Pass Or.
  8. Grants Pass Or Not sure on this little guy. Some kind of sparrow? Help appreciated
  9. Grants Pass Or. Very bad photo and I couldn't get the backside. Can anyone tell by just the head what this is? I know it's asking a lot. Thanks
  10. I am almost 100% sure on the Lincoln's but need confirmation Also an American Gold Finch or Lesser Thanks, Grants Pass Or Lincoln's Sparrow American or Lesser Goldfinch
  11. I'm adding a photo I think is a male and female purple finch
  12. I'm thinking Purple but not 100% Grants Pass Or
  13. With more investigation I'm going with Orange-crowned Thank you
  14. Not sure, Maybe a Yellow Warbler Poor photos. He was moving fast and far away Grants Pass Or It looks different than the last one
  15. Grants Pass Or Hope this picture is good enough. No eye ring. I'm thinking Wilson's or Yellow Warbler Thanks
  16. Grants Pass Or Not the best photos but these guys are fast.
  17. Thank you. I knew they were domestic but not exactly what they were
  18. In Cave Junction area Oregon Thanks for any help 1. I think this is a Golden-crowned Sparrow 2. Some kind of Domestic Goose
  19. I think the first is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet Second not sure. Poor photo but might be enough Third is a question Cave Junction Or 1. 2. 3.
  20. I understand. I didn't take offense. it's hard to tell intent when writing. I know what you mean. Most people don't know you're not to take feathers out of nature. There are a lot of other things people don't know. Leave nature where it lands.
  21. I know the law. It was under my feeders. I took the picture and then put it back. A house sparrow took it into it's nest building box. It was under the feeders that the Flickers use. It was so small I wasn't sure. What part of the bird would it have come from?
  22. Not sure if this is allowed. This feather was under my feeder. I'm thinking a downy woodpecker. Grants Pass Or
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