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  1. Poor photos but does anyone want to go out on a limb and confirm this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet? Grants Pass or.
  2. Thanks I was pretty sure but a little doubt.
  3. I'm pretty sure these are Fox Sparrows Are all of these Sooty Fox Sparrow Some are larger and darker. Just not sure Grants Pass Of
  4. I'm Thinking Red-shouldered but not 100% positive Not the best photo Grants Pass Or.
  5. 1. not sure, this could be a Golden-crowned Sparrow 2. Yellow-rumped Warbler? Grants Pass Or
  6. I'm about 95% sure on this house finch. I've always seen them redder. Maybe the time of year. Grants Pass Or
  7. With the yellow above the beak area I'm thinking Savannah. The white line on the crown makes me think it's not a Golden Crowned. It was in a group of Golden Crowned Sparrows. Any thoughts appreciated Grants Pass Or.
  8. I'm thinking Ruby because of the markings and the definite eye ring Grants Pass or
  9. Is this a spotted Sandpiper? It's rear was bobbing up and down. Along the Rogue River in Grants Pass
  10. Just need Red-shouldered Hawk confirmed. Grants Pass Or Thank You
  11. Hoping this is a Fox Sparrow Thank you Grants pass, Or
  12. Just double checking Grants pass Or Ruby? Yellow/Not the best photo sorry
  13. Is this a Bewicks Wren or Pacific? I'm thinking Bewicks Grants Pass Or
  14. Is this the Greater White fronted Goose even though the white isn't there? Grants Pass Or.
  15. I think this is a Chestnut because it was way darker than the regular chickadees I have. Not the best photo but he took off and didn't come back. Grants pass Or.
  16. I figure this is a domestic that got out or was dumped in the river. any other info appreciated. Grants Pass Or
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