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  1. Is this a Bewicks Wren or Pacific? I'm thinking Bewicks Grants Pass Or
  2. Is this the Greater White fronted Goose even though the white isn't there? Grants Pass Or.
  3. I think this is a Chestnut because it was way darker than the regular chickadees I have. Not the best photo but he took off and didn't come back. Grants pass Or.
  4. I figure this is a domestic that got out or was dumped in the river. any other info appreciated. Grants Pass Or
  5. Thank you. It was the yellow that gave me pine siskin.
  6. Grants Pass Or. Had 15 to 20 hit my feeders this morning. I think they are Pine Siskin. Just need it to be confirmed. Thanks
  7. I think this is a House Finch but the chest and back had some red. Grants Pass or Any help appreciated
  8. I'm 99% sure this is a Hairy Woodpecker, Can anyone tell the age? I'm thinking juvenile. The red on the top of the head is very sparse. Wasn't sure this was an adult. Just wondering. I'm not good at aging these birds.
  9. I think this is a Pacific Wren. Very bad photo Grants Pass Or Thank You for any help
  10. Could this be a Yellow-breasted Chat? Grants Pass Or
  11. Akandula I was looking at my photo after reading your comment. It looks like one bird has a curved down bill and one seems straight. Would a Whimbrel be flying with a Marbled Godwit? or is it an optical illusion?
  12. Not the best photos but I was hoping for help. I'm Thinking Whimbrel The first photo could be a different bird than the last two photos. The dogs on the beach kept scaring the birds. Brookings Or.
  13. Could these be European starling Fledgling ? Crescent City Ca
  14. are all of these Wood Ducks? Could the last two be pintails? They looked funny to me. Maybe they are young? grants pass or.
  15. Grants Pass Or I'm pretty sure It's a Red shouldered Hawk not sure about the little bird above it. I'm thinking Western Wood-Pewee or Ash-throated Flycatcher. I have seen both in my yard. I was surprised to see the little bird so close to the hawk. Thanks for any help
  16. Not sure if this is a new fledgling but I can't figure it out. Thought at first it was a song sparrow. Has not chest mark and no eyebrow line above eye. Any help appreciated Grants Pass Or.
  17. Not sure on this one. Any Ideas? Grants Pass Or
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